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'Caps Card

Q: What is the ‘Caps Card?
A: The ‘Caps Card is your paperless season ticket, Loyalty Rewards Program, and food and merchandise discount card – this card replaces the old season ticket booklet. The ‘Caps Card is the size of a credit card and contains a bar code that will come loaded with all 2015 regular season home matches. Instead of bringing physical tickets to each home match, you now just have to show your ‘Caps Card to gain entry into BC Place.
Q: Does my 2014 ‘Caps Card carry over to 2015?
A: ‘Caps Cards do not rollover to the following season. All 2015 season ticket holders will be sent a new card.
Q: When will I receive my 2015 ‘Caps Card?
A: ‘Caps Cards will be sent approximately one month prior to the commencement of the 2015 MLS season.
Q: How many ‘Caps Cards will I receive?
A: You will receive one ‘Caps Card per seat in your account. For example, if you have five seats in your season ticket account you will receive five ‘Caps Cards, one card per seat.
Q: What matches are included on my ‘Caps Card?
A: All 2015 regular season Major League Soccer (MLS) matches, and Amway Canadian Championship matches are already included on your ‘Caps Card. As additional matches are announced, these matches will be added to your ‘Caps Card once purchased.
Q: Why would I want to use the ‘Caps Card instead of physical tickets?
A: The ‘Caps Card represents a shift in technology at many sporting events globally, and is sustainable compared to printing paper tickets which are discarded after each match. With the convenience of your ‘Caps Card, you can simply carry it with you in your wallet at all times instead of having to worry about remembering to take your tickets to the match. Using your 'Caps Card also allows you to earn 'Caps Points, which can then be used to earn unique experiences.
Q: Will I need to bring my ‘Caps Card to every match?
A: Yes, bring your ‘Caps Card to every home match as this is your ticket to gain entry.
Q: What do I do with my ‘Caps Card once I get to BC Place?
A: Present your ‘Caps Card to the attendant at the gate upon entry. They will scan your ‘Caps Card and you will gain entry to the stadium. You can then use your 'Caps Card to earn 'Caps Points and to get discounts on merchandise and at official Pub Partners.
Q: What if I forget to bring my ‘Caps Card to a match?
A: Visit any BC Place Box office and the attendant will reprint your match tickets on paper stock. You’ll need photo ID to have your match tickets printed.
Q: What if I want to give my tickets to a friend for a match, do I have to give them my ‘Caps Card?
A: Free ticket forwarding is available via your online account manager. Simply visit here to forward your tickets to a friend.
Q: When I transfer my tickets through account manager, does the recipient have to create their own account?
A: New customers must create a new account so we can ensure safe transfer of ownership of the tickets through our system.
Q: What happens if I lose my card?
A: A replacement fee of $10 will be charged if your card is lost. Call 604.669.9283 ext. 1 to speak to your account representative about replacing your ‘Caps Card.
Q: I don’t want the card, what are my options?
A: The ‘Caps Card is your ticket for all 2014 home matches. However, if you do not wish to use the ‘Caps Card you can print your tickets here, or contact your account representative at 604.669.9283 ext. 1.
Q: What types of discounts will I receive by having a ‘Caps Card? And how will it work?
A: Season Ticket Holders will continue to receive many benefits which come along with being a Season Ticket Holder, including enjoying a 15 per cent discount on merchandise purchased at BC Place on match day. Present your ‘Caps Card when purchasing merchandise to receive your discount. You’ll also receive discounts and specials at Pub Partners by showing your ‘Caps Card.
Q: Are there any other benefits to using the ‘Caps Card?
A: By using your ‘Caps Card you’ll receive ‘Caps Points, which can be redeemed for unique prizes and experiences. To redeem your ‘Caps Points, log on to your ‘Caps Card account page. New prizes will be available every Wednesday at noon.
Q: What is the ‘Caps Card Loyalty Program
A: Exclusive to Whitecaps FC Season Ticket Holders, fans can collect points by attending matches, purchasing food, beverage, and merchandise on match days, referring a friend, amongst other ways. Points can then be redeemed for one of a kind experiences and exclusive rewards.
Q: Do my ‘Caps Points carry over to 2015?
A: ‘Caps Points expire after December 12, 2014, and do not rollover to the following year.
Q: I attend every match with my wife, but both of my ‘Caps Cards have my name on them. Can I have the name on one of my ‘Caps Cards updated?
A: Your dedicated account manager enables you to update the account holder name per seat. However, someone else presents a ‘Caps Card with your name on it, there will not be any issue with receiving merchandise discounts or collecting ‘Caps Points.
Season Tickets

Q: What products are available aside from season tickets?
A: This year, in addition to season tickets, fans have the opportunity to purchase half-season tickets which give them access to any nine matches which are included in the season ticket package (a choice of any nine MLS regular season home matches and Amway Canadian Championship matches). 5-packs will also be made available, allowing fans to choose 5 matches that they’d like to attend, based on availability. Students can also purchase student season tickets which gives them access to a student section at BC Place for all MLS regular season and Amway Canadian Championship home matches.
Q: How many matches are included in my season ticket package?
A: In 2015, Season ticket members will receive tickets to all regular season MLS, Amway Canadian Championship home matches, and CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage home matches.
Q: What benefits do season ticket holder receive over single ticket buyers?
A: Season ticket holders receive significant savings over individual match tickets, the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets for playoffs and friendlies which include securing your current seats plus additional seats, pre-sale opportunities for select concerts at BC Place, discounts on Whitecaps FC merchandise, and a dedicated account manager to assist with all your ticketing needs. Season ticket holders also have the opportunity to participate in the club’s loyalty program where they can earn unique experiences and prizes. Season ticket holders also have the opportunity to benefit from the club’s referral program.
Q: Why doesn’t my 2015 season ticket divide evenly by a set number of games?
A: Each 2015 season ticket includes all 17 Major League Soccer regular season home matches, all home Amway Canadian Championship matches, and all CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage home matches. Given all the components of the season ticket price (base price, Facility Fee, GST on the base price, and the order processing fee), the overall price does not divide evenly, so there will be some small price differences in some matches in each colour category (typically less than $0.10 overall) to ensure the total prices balance after all matches.
Q: How much do I owe as a deposit to secure my 2015 season tickets?
A: Season ticket holders have the option of paying in full at the time of purchase, or paying a 50% deposit at the time of purchase with the remaining 50% due by December 1, 2014. A third option is to pay a 50% deposit at the time of purchase, 25% due by December 1, 2014, with the remaining 25% due on or before February 1, 2015.
Q: What difference does it make if I renew now or later on?
A: Season ticket holders who have not renewed and put down at least a 75% payment by December 1 will have their seats released.
Q: Do I get a gift if I renew or buy season tickets?
A: After conducting a survey with our current season ticket holders and fans, the club found that most would prefer lower pricing in place of a gift. Therefore the club is offering fans the opportunity to receive a 12% savings between September 25 and October 6. Season ticket holders also receive 15% off merchandise at games and benefit from participating in the loyalty program and referral program.
Q: What is the Facility Fee?
A: The Facility Fee is a per-ticket charge that the club, as a tenant, is required to collect and pass through to BC Place.
Q: How can I pay for my tickets?
A: The club accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If you wish to pay by Interac, in cash, or by cheque, please contact your Whitecaps FC account representative for more details.
Mobile Tickets

Q: How do mobile tickets work?
A: Once you log in to your account manager on your mobile device, select your event, then click “select an action” and choose “View Your Tickets”. Select all that you want to view. The first ticket will then pop up on your screen with a QR code, which can then be scanned as you enter BC Place. Swipe to move over to the next ticket.
Q: What type of phone or mobile device or phone do I need to use mobile tickets?
A: Any smartphone or mobile device that has internet capabilities and can access the account manager website can be used to display mobile tickets.
Q: Can I forward tickets to friends on their mobile?
A: Tickets can be forwarded to friends on their mobiles. Much like the e-mail option, tickets can be forwarded on account manager. Once the recipient receives their tickets on their account, they can use the “View Your Tickets” option to enter BC Place.
Q: My mobile tickets didn’t work and now I can’t enter BC Place. What do I do?
A: If you have any trouble with your tickets, visit Team Ticket Services at Gate H. Make sure to bring valid photo ID in order to verify your account.
Cancelled Matches

Q: What happens if a match I’ve bought tickets for gets rescheduled to another date/time?
A: If a match is rescheduled, your original tickets will be valid for the rescheduled match. 

Q: What happens if a match I’ve bought tickets for gets cancelled?
A: If the match is cancelled outright and will not be rescheduled, Whitecaps FC and its partner Ticketmaster, will always provide you with the option of a full refund for the price you paid for that match. If the cancelled match is part of a 5 pack or half season package, Whitecaps FC’ s  Fan Services team will work with you  to select another scheduled match.

Q: What happens if I have season tickets and a match is cancelled?
A: If a match is cancelled and not rescheduled, then as Season Ticket Members you will receive the option of either a credit on your account, or a refund of the portion that you paid for the cancelled game(s).

Q: What happens if a match is not completed?
A: In MLS, if a match is abandoned prior to the completion of the first half of play,  the score shall not be recorded and the match will be treated as if it were cancelled. It will then be scheduled to be replayed at a later date.  If a match is abandoned after the completion of the first half of play, the game will be considered completed. 

In Canadian Championship or CONCACAF matches, if a match is abandoned before the completion of normal playing time, the club will work with the Organizing Committees of each competition to provide a fair outcome for all ticketholders depending on the circumstances of the abandonment.