Administrator, Business Intelligence & CRM

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is more than just a professional soccer club. We’re a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for excellence both on and off the pitch.

We believe that data is transforming the way sports organizations operate and our CRM system is the technology backbone of all our customer facing business units. That’s where you come in: the junior or entry level CRM Administrator looking to grow your career.

This is a brand new position for our Business Intelligence team which means you get the chance to make this role entirely your own. Covering all aspects of our CRM system, it is well suited to an individual with general experience of Salesforce CRM or a similar product with a desire to increase their skills and certification.

In addition to the day-to-day running of our CRM, you’ll also be supporting our Business Intelligence department. There you will gain exposure to everything from generating KPI data visualizations for our Executive team to performance dashboards to support our Sports Science team. We’re a small crew so you’ll need to be an ambitious individual who’s not afraid of a challenge. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to apply.

Reporting Structure

This junior administrative CRM position reports directly to the Manager, Business Intelligence at Whitecaps FC’s head office in Vancouver’s historic Gastown.

CRM Responsibilities

  • Administration and maintenance of the club’s Salesforce CRM system such as managing custom fields, objects, user permissions, profiles and workflows
  • Liaise effectively with multiple departments (Ticket Sales & Service, Business Intelligence, Partnerships, Accounting and Marketing) to facilitate the following within CRM:
    • Build cross departmental reports
    • Facilitate data collection inputs
    • First line of support of internal CRM helpdesk issues and timely problem solving
    • Maintain Sponsor inventory
  • Active campaign setup and monitoring to ensure that campaigns are executed as per business requirements
  • Ensuring the CRM system operates efficiently and that data is clean and well managed at all times
  • Contribute to the development and execution of segmentation strategies that engage each customer segment type to improve retention, and optimize customer activation
  • Act as our primary point-of-contact with Salesforce Premier+ support


Business Intelligence Responsibilities

  • Analytical support for the Club Analyst & Business Intelligence research strategy
  • Extract valuable information, including relationships, patterns, trends and projections from complex datasets
  • Identify actionable insights within datasets and provide business recommendations of observations
  • Generate reports which clearly visualize and summarize research findings
  • Acquire data from primary and secondary data sources
  • Create dashboards using BI/Visualization tools
  • Design, programming and execution of surveys and data collection


  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • At least 1 year of experience in a business setting using CRM
  • Salesforce certifications or willingness to take them
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience with Tableau an asset

Interpersonal Skills

  • Savvy problem solving skills
  • Works well with appropriate direction
  • Exceedingly detail oriented
  • Enthusiastic, proactive and highly professional


  • Opportunity to get hands on CRM experience and certifications on the job
  • Generous paid-time-off policy
  • Extended health benefits after three months

This job posting will remain active until the position is filled. Please submit your CV and cover letter indicating your salary expectations via email to:

Ellie Wright, Assistant, Admin and HR



Practicum / Internship Program 

January - April Terms

Vancouver Whitecaps FC believes in assisting post-secondary students achieve the requirements of practicum placement credits by gaining experience in their chosen fields.    Our program is designed to provide a student with “real life” work experience in an exciting and unique environment.

We are committed to providing students with valuable learning experiences and exposing them to new challenges while they carry out the learning objectives and skills they are studying. 

Our values - Winning, Unity, Honour – are a part of everything we do, and our student placements are quick to discover the depth of the commitment our employees have to ensure our brand is recognized as a leader in the community it serves.

Our placements are typically for a three to four month duration with other various terms available depending on the student and the program requirements they must meet.

We only accept applications for unpaid practicum placements (“internships”) from students studying at Canadian post-secondary programs, who qualify for credit in a Canadian post-secondary program, as per the “Employment Standards Act” of BC.

The following departments may have opportunities available at various times during the year:

  • Community Relations
  • Communications/Media
  • Event Operations
  • Video production
  •  Video and match analysis
  •  Soccer Development and Operations
  •  General Administration, Finance and HR
  • Complex Database Administration and Analysis
  • Marketing / Digital Media
  • Partnership Activation and Marketing
  • Graphic Design

In order to qualify for an unpaid practicum placement, applicants must have the support of the faculty at their institution, be receiving credit towards their diploma/degree for the placement, WCB coverage through their school, and be willing to work varied hours and at several different sites throughout the Lower Mainland. Experience in the discipline they wish to work is an asset. In addition to being sponsored by their institution, students must be legally entitled to work in Canada via a student visa/work permit.

Our priorities for our student placements:

  1. Ensuring the student is meeting their learning objectives.
  2. Being flexible to schedule their time around existing classes and paid employment they may have.
  3. Enabling the student to immerse themselves into the Whitecaps culture while realizing the realities of working in a busy, exceptionally fast paced environment.

We are fortunate to have had amazing young students provide fresh perspective on our current issues, and as well fit into our culture of “Our All Our Honour”.  Students are always included in our staff social functions, operate as a full team member, and have the respect and admiration of everyone who works behind the scenes for both our professional and amateur teams.

Students gain perspective of what it is like behind “the brand”.  Some decide they absolutely love the atmosphere, the long hours that staff put in, the teamwork and the craziness involved in putting on major events each week!  Some decide that while it’s fascinating, the behind the scenes support is just not for them.  That is the advantage of obtaining a practicum placement -- try it out before you commit to a profession and brand that is not a job, but a lifestyle.

Students will learn basic office policies and procedures.  They will learn the expectations of excellence in customer service.  They will learn there are no extensions on deadlines.  They will learn what it takes to run a business where success is measured with statistics as well as public perception. 

Each Department has individualized duties and responsibilities set aside for practicum students – that include everything from the basics (assisting with stuffing envelopes, handling routine email/social media requests, helping set up for meetings) to more advanced discipline-specific duties (writing articles and ads, selling/marketing tickets, statistical analysis, technical operations) and everything and anything in between. 

Testimonial from a former co-op student, Christopher:

“As both a communication major at university and a soccer fan, working at Vancouver Whitecaps FC has been one of the highlights of my professional and academic career.  I greatly value the mentorship provided by my superiors and enjoy the camaraderie I've received from the entire staff. As someone who is ambitious, driven and willing to take on responsibility there has been an abundant amount of opportunities to develop my portfolio through challenges both exciting and relevant to my career path. The entire communications team here at Whitecaps FC are very passionate about their work and have been extremely receptive to my ideas, pitches and suggestions. I highly recommend taking on a Co-op position with Whitecaps FC to anyone as fortunate enough to be given the opportunity as I was.”

For further information, or to apply:

Send your CV and cover letter explaining how you meet the requirements for practicum / co-op placement to:

Wendy Wait, Senior Manager, HR

Please include the term (dates) that you are available for this work experience and Include what area of our organization most interests you.    



Academy Centre Coaches


Youth Academy Coaches provide on and off field leadership for Whitecaps Academy Centre programming.  Vancouver Whitecaps FC is currently seeking passionate and qualified coaches with the technical skills, experience and personal suitability to coach, mentor and develop young players.  You will also have the administrative expertise to oversee all financial and administrative requirements, and the ability to network and promote the Centre within the community.   While assigned as Coach in one area, you may also connect and service other Whitecaps Academy centre programming and camp events in Vancouver and other regional and national locations as required.  

See: //  for further information on Vancouver Whitecaps Academy Centres.

  • The salary range for these positions will depend on the experience of the coach
  • Hours of work will be varied and will involve evenings and weekends.  Some positions are part-time where others may be full time. 
  • In full time positions, extended health care benefits and “Paid Time Off” according to Club policies will be available.


Academy Centre and Camp programming development and delivery

Support curriculum development and coaching delivery of all Academy Centre training programs and camps.  This includes, but not is not limited to:

  • All developed Whitecaps programming.   
  • Skills Academy
  • Prospects Academy
  • Schools Academy 
  • Spring, summer and specialized camps..    

Academy Centre promotion and networking  

Working to promote Academy Centre and camp programs with local club and key community groups and individuals; media contacts; and school administration and faculty.

Academy Centre coaching development    

Develop an Academy centre staff to deliver regional programs, including the recruitment and development of local coaches with potential.   

Academy Centre Technical Services contracts

Lead the delivery of any agreed upon technical services contracts with local clubs or organizations. This includes providing:

  • TD Services.
  • Coaching development sessions.
  • Player development sessions.  

Represent the Club in the soccer community, with emphasis on building rapport with community clubs.


  1. Minimum National B Coaching License or UEFA / international equivalent
  2. Two (2) years experience as a coach of an elite group of athletes
  3. Professional or semi-professional soccer playing experience an asset
  4. Knowledge of and support for the CSA LTPD model and Wellness to World Cup framework.
  5. A proven track record and a passion for both grassroots and high performance programs.
  6. Experience with coaching both male and female soccer and the design of associated  programs
  7. Knowledge of elite player systems and how they differ and integrate with community programs.
  8. Experience directly managing, mentoring and motivating highly qualified, elite coaches.
  9. Experience with and a passion for the education and development of coaches at all levels.
  10. An understanding of the structure of competitive youth soccer and how it relates to optimal player development.
  11. Knowledge of the Canadian soccer landscape, and the challenges and opportunities it presents to grassroots and high performance player development.
  12. Experience managing technical budgets and associated cost management and reporting.
  13. An ability to think and plan strategically, and effectively link technical planning with broader Club goals and strategic intent.
  14. Strong communications skills and an ability to convey technical planning to non‐technical Club stakeholders, including the parents of players.
  15. Criminal Record Check required
  16. A team player, with an ability to operate as part of an integrated multi‐functional team.

When submitting your CV, please outline:

  • How your qualifications meet our requirements
  • Where you would be interested in serving (even if not listed above, planned expansion may include the area where you are currently living)
  • Your coaching philosophy

This posting will remain active until a suitable number of qualified candidates has been determined.  An eligibility list will be kept until openings occur, at which point interviews will be scheduled.

Please submit your CV and the required information as listed above by email to:

Wendy Wait, Senior Manager, Human Resources



Director’s Spotter, Part-time / Game Day

Working as match day staff with the Events Department, this role will assist the Coordinator, Event Operations in all pitch related elements on match days. During all matches, this role will be the direct link between the 4th officials table and the production booth.

Responsibilities on match days:

To help achieve the Event Department’s goals, the Director’s Spotter is responsible for:

  • Upon arrival, liaising with the Coordinator, Event Operations regarding event details & briefing;
  • Completing a check of the pitch, ensuring that there are no threatening objects that would hinder any part of match day;
  • Aid in training the Flag Bearer & Player Escort kids at pitch level prior to Youth Rehearsal;
  • Assisting the Youth Program Supervisors in executing the Youth Rehearsal;
  • Supervising Team Warm Up on the pitch;
  • Liaising with Broadcast throughout match to assist with on field or bench area information;
  • Aid in assembling Flag Bearers, Player Escorts, Players, Chief Guest and other relevant personnel at pitch level prior to the player procession;
  • Being stationed at the 4th officials table with a radio during the duration of a match, communicating all match related elements to the production booth (eg. Goals, Substitutions, Fouls);

Job Requirements

  • Self-starter with excellent time management & communication skills
  • Outgoing and team-oriented
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Works well with people of all ages
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Interest in event production and presentation
  • Soccer knowledge an asset
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

Please send your application via email to:

Deadline:  March 31, 2017



Match Producer, Part-time / Game Day

Position Description
Working as a match day staff with the Events Department, this role will be an integral part of the execution of production elements during WFC2 matches at Thunderbird stadium in UBC and McLeod Stadium in Langley. This role will also require involvement in pre-match briefings and preparation.


To help achieve the Event Department’s goals, the Match Day Producer is responsible for:

  • Upon arrival, liaising with the Coordinator, Event Operations regarding event details & briefing;
  • Overseeing youth rehearsal, anthem rehearsal and audio checks (as needed) prior to every USL match.
  • Organizing production booth for match duties as needed;
  • Delivering pre-match cues for player/goalie warm-up in addition to pre-kickoff player entrance warnings.
  • Providing cues/directing PA announcer on when to deliver his announcements according to a script.
  • Serving as the DJ, playing music during pre-match elements, halftime, post-match and National Anthems if there is no singer present.
  • Delivering Red/Yellow Card and substitution information to the PA announcer, after receiving confirmation from the 4th official over radio.

Job Requirements

  • Self-starter with excellent time management & communication skills
  • Outgoing and team-oriented
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Works well with people of all ages
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Interest in event production and presentation
  • Soccer knowledge an asset
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

Please submit your application via email directly to:

Deadline for applications:  March 31, 2017