Supporters Clubs

Supporters Clubs can add an exciting element to the Major League Soccer fan experience.  These self-administered clubs provide ongoing support and allegiance to their fellow team, often traveling great distances to cheer on their squad.  At home, supporters clubs are loud and boisterous in their efforts to make the home pitch a difficult place to play for opponents.



The Southsiders are among the loudest and proudest football fans in North America and the Whitecaps are happy to have them in our stadium cheering on our boys. Their undying loyalty and dedication to the Whitecaps fuel the energy and enthusiasm felt all around the stadium. With a large repertoire of chants and songs, the Southsiders fully embrace the football experience as it's meant to be!

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Rain City Brigade

"The newest Whitecaps support firm are the Rain City Brigade. They bring together a diverse crowd of fans, who represent all four corners of the world. Their life long dedication to soccer and their motivated and passionate attitude will be a welcomed addition to the Whitecaps atmosphere. "