Trafford's Diary #9 - 'a trip of a lifetime'

Trafford's Tanzania Diary #9 - The Province

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First off, let me apologize for the lack of blogs over the past week. I won’t try to justify this with the 'I was busy' excuse. You, the loyal 'Back of the Net' readers, deserve better than that. But give me a break, people, I’m starting to adopt the TIA attitude I spoke about earlier. The good news is, so much has gone on since my last post that this should be the juiciest, yet.

Let’s start with Saturday’s game against the Tanzanian national team. After the usual pre-game routine, we arrived at the National Stadium to find that the entire place had no power. Our locker room was moved to a boardroom, where windows gave us enough light to get changed and ready for the match.

We were anticipating a hard game - the Taifa Stars' Brazilian coach was under serious pressure in the papers and after Yanga (Young Africans FC) had already beaten us, the national team needed a result.

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