Valentine’s Day with the ‘Caps

How well do you know your significant other?

With chocolate hearts, teddy bears, and love in the air, the ‘Caps decided to get into the spirit with a Valentine’s Day game. We rounded up a few ‘Caps players and their partners in a fun game of “Who Knows Their Partner Best”.

Overall the couples that participated were fairly in-tune with their significant other. We threw in a couple of tough questions to get each pair thinking, and will share some of the cute and creative answers we received. 

1. If a magic genie granted your partner one wish, what would he or she wish for?

Jordan Harvey: Kim would wish for health for her friends and family and my wish would be to win an MLS Cup.

Kim Caldwell: Jordan would wish to win an MLS Cup, and I would wish for the ability to eat anything I want and never gain weight.

Matt Watson: For more kids! I would wish for unlimited wishes (Cat probably won't guess that one though).

Cat Watson: That I would stop nagging him to clean the bathroom, and that I would never have to clean the bathroom again!

2. If your partner won a million dollars, what would he or she buy first?

Tommy Heinemann: Oh gosh, probably a Vespa? I would buy a house and invest.

Katrina Heinemann: Hopefully take me on a shopping spree! I would buy a plane and hire a pilot so we could go see the world.

Matt Watson: That's another tough one, she's very frugal. I'm going to say a House in Maryland with a white picket fence. For me, a Lamborghini, probably purple.

Cat Watson: Matt would buy some sort of robot from Japan and I would buy a Range Rover.

3. If your partner won a trip to anywhere in the world where would he or she go?

Joe Cannon: I'd choose Italian wine country Tuscany (she better choose the same).

Marisa Cannon:  Australia for Joe, Greece or Tuscany for me. Italian food is my favourite. 

Tommy Heinemann: New Zealand for Katrina and um...New Zealand, obviously...

Katrina Heinemann: New Zealand, everywhere in Europe, Brazil, Belize... I would basically take a free trip anywhere!!

4. What is your partner's favourite ice cream flavour?

Kim Caldwell: Mint Chocolate, and for me Cherry Garcia

Jordan Harvey: Cherry Garcia for both (she converted me)

Joe Cannon: I'd guess she likes Caramel or Mocha Fudge. Mine is Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Marisa Cannon: Oreo or Heath Bar for Joe. I don't really eat ice cream but I love a few bites of those DQ Blizzards. 

5. If your partner could own any pet, what animal would it be?

Matt Watson: Hmm, I know she is partial to owls, however that seems like a boring pet. Probably something off-beat or quirky, maybe a lemur? But I'm going to say an owl. For me definitely a monkey!

Cat Watson: A monkey for both of us

Tommy Heinemann: Our dog Reese for both of us, for sure.

Katrina Heinemann: Our dog Reese, though I think it would be pretty fun to have a dinosaur!

6.  If your partner could pick one favourite article of clothing what would it be?

Kim Caldwell: His white American Eagle thermal and black leggings for me

Jordan Harvey: Black leggings for Kim, and black jeans for me (however she will probably guess my white American Eagle thermal)

Joe Cannon: I like my hoodies or CK underwear she got me....I think she needs her lululemon pants.

Marisa Cannon: His pj bottoms or his shirt that says "I'm a keeper". For me my Lululemon pants. I wear them all the time.  


Valentine’s Day is a day to truly cherish your partner, family, and friends. From all the players, coaches, and staff at Vancouver Whitecaps FC, we wish you, our dedicated fans and supporters, a Happy Valentine’s Day.