Soccer Operations

First Team



Bob Lenarduzzi President Canada
Greg Anderson Vice President, Soccer Operations Canada



Carl Robinson Head Coach Wales
Martyn Pert Assistant Coach England
Gordon Forrest Assistant Coach & Head of High Performance Scotland
Marius Røvde Goalkeeper Coach Norway
Daniel Stenz Head of Analysis & Scouting Germany


Sports Medicine & Science

Dr. Rick Celebrini Head of Sports Medicine & Science Canada
Jake Joachim Head Athletic Trainer United States
Graeme Poole Physiotherapist Canada
Lageishon Mohanadas Assistant Athletic Trainer Canada
Jon Poli Strength & Conditioning Coach Canada
Dr. Ben Sporer Exercise Physiologist Canada
Carl Bergstrom Sports Science Data Analyst, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Canada
Dr. Jim Bovard Team Physician Canada
Dr. Bob McCormack Team Orthopedic Surgeon Canada
Dr. Garret Kusch Team Chiropractor Canada
Dr. David Cox Team Sports Psychologist Canada
Dr. Ralph Mistlberger Team Chronobiologist Canada
Dana Lis Team Nutritionist Canada



Ed Georgica Head Equipment, Logistic & Facilities Manager Canada
Andrew Lichtenfels Assistant Equipment Manager Canada / UK



Joe Jesseau  Senior Manager, Professional Teams Canada
Kyle Bowman Coordinator, Team Operations Canada
Meryl Hershfield Coordinator, Team Administrator Canada
Navid Mashinchi Coordinator, Analysis & Scouting Germany / Canada



Dave Irvine Senior Manager, Soccer Operations Canada
Alan Koch Head Coach Canada / South Africa
Steve Meadley Assistant Coach England
Raegyn Hall Goalkeeper Coach Canada
Aman Parhar Operations Manager Canada
Ryan Leaver Physiotherapist Canada
Martin McDermott Equipment Manager Ireland



Dave Irvine  Senior Manager, Soccer Operations
Craig Dalrymple Residency Technical Director
Rich Fagan Head Coach, U-18
Adam Day Head Coach, U-16
Bart Choufour Head Coach, Pre-Residency
Niall Thompson Assistant Coach, U-18
Carl Valentine Assistant Coach, U-16
Raegyn Hall Goalkeeper Coach
James Merriman Assistant Coach, Pre-Residency
Mike Norris Goalkeeper Coach, Pre-Residency
Chris Franks Physiotherapist
Andrew Bell Trainer
Lageishon Mohanadas Trainer
Ryan Maron Strength and Conditioning Coach
Aman Parhar Operations Manager
Cortlin Tonn Residency Equipment Manager