Skills Camp Staff

Sam Lenarduzzi

Camp head coach and former Whitecaps FC player and World Cup captain Sam Lenarduzzi heads a ‘Caps staff who are experienced in teaching the official curriculum and "Whitecaps FC Way". Lenarduzzi played nine years with Whitecaps FC and over 47 times for Canada. The Vancouver-born legend is also a member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame.

Prospect Camps Staff

Bart Choufour

Whitecaps FC boys Pre-Residency head coach Bart Choufour leads the boys prospects camps. The Dutch-born coach currently oversees the ‘Caps U14 Pre-Residency program. Choufour has an impressive resume, including taking Whitecaps FC Prospects teams to top international tournaments and a vast knowledge of a number of European youth development systems in the Netherlands and Germany. Meet Bart Choufour.

Jesse Symons

Whitecaps FC Girls Elite head coach Jesse Symons leads the girls prospects camps. Symons heads up the Girls Elite program that includes a U17 and U-18 full time players. In 2012 he doubled as the ‘Caps W-League team head coach, and over the years has taken a variety of elite girls teams from U-12 to U-18 to top tournaments in North America.