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2017 Whitecaps FC Media Invitational Rosters

VANCOUVER, BC - After months of arduous scouting, the four captains in the 2017 Whitecaps FC Media Invitational partook in the Media SuperDraft this afternoon, forming their matchday rosters for Thursday morning's highly anticipated clash at the WFC NDSC at UBC.

Below are the four teams vying for this year's #WFCMediaCup (captains in bold).

Jason Pires F/GK
Blake Price M
Cam Mitchell M
Gino Cutri M/F
Jeremy Baker M
Leslie Stein F
Nathan Vanstone D
Paul Haysom M
Rob Williams M/F
Ruby Carr D
Scott Rintoul M
Tyler Green D/M/F


Paul Dolan F
Adam Day M
Andrew Walker M
Brandon Timko F
Curt Appleby GK
Dan Riccio D/M
Marie Hui D/M/F
Patrick Johnston M
Peter Lonergan F
Steve Darling F
Stu Walters D/M
Yvonne Schalle D


Carlo Corazzin GK
Carlos Parra M/F/D
Corey Basso M/F
Cory Price D
Daniel Bettridge D
David Ebner M
Irvin Au-Yeung M
Marvin Aguilar D/M/F
Patrick King M/F
Rob Fai M/D
Scott Lowrey D
Sonia Sunger D/M


Nick Dasovic M
Alex Carr F
Emad Agahi F
Farhan Devji M/F
Jorge Mendoza D
Jorge Parra D
Kaitlyn Herbst D/F
Mark Dailey D/M
Michael McColl F
Sean Bideshi D
Tom Plasteras D
Vik Sahi F