'Caps Club Membership FAQs

2020 Season Ticket Membership

 Q: How many matches are included in my 'Caps Club Season Ticket Membership?

A: Whitecaps FC Season Ticket Memberships are a standard 18-match package, including all MLS regular season home matches and the first home match at BC Place of the Canadian Championship.

Should the 'Caps qualify for later rounds of the Canadian Championship, those matches will be added to your Membership package at no additional cost.

 Q: What is auto-renewal?

A: All current Season Ticket Members will be automatically renewed for the following season with the best price of the year, with less hassle in continuing their Membership and keeping their tickets year over year.

The auto-renewal model also ensures that fans have the flexibility to cancel at any time. This model enables fans to pay over the course of 12 months if they so choose.

 Q: What is the difference between cancelling and opting out?

A: Cancelling your tickets is used to terminate your Membership during the current season and discontinue payment. Should you choose not to return for the following season, you will have the option to opt-out by September 14.

 Q: How do I cancel?

A: To cancel, Members must complete and submit the online cancellation request form a minimum of 30 days prior to their desired date of cancellation.

 Q: If I choose to cancel, will I get a refund?

A: If there is another payment date within the 30-day window, the Member will be charged. Following your final payment within the 30 day window, you will no longer be charged and your tickets will no longer be valid. No refunds will be issued for terminating your ‘Caps Club Membership.

 Q: If I move away, how can I ensure my account is not auto-renewed?

A: If you would like to ensure you are not auto-renewed for the following season you can provide written notice to opt out of the following season at any time before or on September 14 of the current year.

 Q: What payment plans are available for Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Members?

A: There are two payment plans available – Monthly and full payment plans which ensure there is an option for all Members.

 Q: How much do I owe as a deposit to secure my 2020 ‘Caps Club Membership?

A: There are two payment plans available for Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Members:

Monthly – 12 equal payments starting in September of each year Or if purchased past September, lump sum payment to equal payment schedule based upon a September start date. Monthly payments will be drawn on the 15th of each month.

Full – 100% payment upon purchase and each September in subsequent years.

 Q: How will I be notified of Membership changes, including pricing?

A: Any changes to pricing, or other material changes to your Membership benefits will be communicated via email, to the email address on file, at least 30 days prior to the auto-renewal date.

 Q: Can I begin paying monthly, then decide to change my payment plan option?

A: Yes. Please contact your Fan Relations representative for more information.

 Q: Can I transfer ownership of my Membership during the season?

A: Your ‘Caps Club Membership is non-transferable, however you can email your tickets through your online Account Manager to a friend.

 Q: When do payments start?

A: Payments are based on a September start each year for the upcoming season.

 Q: Do I receive anything by paying during the off season?

A: The payment plan options are intended to provide further flexibility and ease of payment for Members.

 Q: Can I suspend my Membership?

A: The ‘Caps Club Membership cannot be suspended for any period of time. If a ‘Caps Club Member chooses to cancel or opt out of their Membership for a period, they would need to re-establish their Membership as per new Member policies.

 Q: What benefits do Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Members receive over single ticket buyers?

A: ‘Caps Club Members receive significant savings over individual match tickets. Each season, Tier 1 Members have access to:

• Whitecaps FC regular season MLS home matches

• Canadian Championship home matches

• First purchase of Cascadia away tickets

• Exclusive events

• The loyalty rewards and experiences program

• Savings on merchandise, skills camps and on single match suites

• Discounts at pub partners

 Q: Will MLS Cup Playoff matches be included in my 2020 ‘Caps Club Membership?

A: Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Memberships are an 18-game package that includes all MLS regular season home matches and the first home match of the Canadian Championship. Should the ‘Caps qualify for the later rounds of the Canadian Championship, those matches will be added to your membership at no additional cost.

Should Whitecaps FC host MLS Cup Playoff home matches, those will be automatically added to your monthly cost. You will be given an email with the option to opt-out of MLS Cup Playoff matches should you choose not to have them added to your Membership.

 Q: Do I get a gift if I renew or buy a ‘Caps Club Membership?

A: After conducting a survey, the club found that most would prefer lower pricing in place of a gift. Therefore, the club is offering fans the opportunity to receive 12% savings between September 14-25. All returning 'Caps Club Members will automatically receive this savings as part of their auto-renewal, unless they choose to opt out.

The ‘Caps Club Membership also comes with many added benefits, including access to exclusive prizes and unique experiences by participating in the ‘Caps Club Rewards program. Additionally, all ‘Caps Club Members receive savings on merchandise, skills camps, suites and Whitecaps FC pub partners, among others.

 Q: Is the 12% offer applicable on premium seats including suites?

A: The 12% offer is applicable on all premium seating excluding suites. A discount is offered to suite holders who purchase multi-year contracts.

Referral Program

 Q: Who is eligible for the referral program?

A: All Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Members who renewed at least the same number of seats held in the current season for the following season are eligible, as well as any new Tier 1 ‘Caps Club Members who have already signed up for next season.

 Q: How does the referral program work?

A: Every successful referral will earn the Member who made the referral a 6% rebate based on the amount spent by the referral on 'Caps Club Memberships. The rebate will be credited to your account.

 Q: Who can I refer for it to count as a referral?

A: Anyone who did not purchase Season Tickets during the previous season. All referrals must be new ‘Caps Club Members.

 Q: How do I get a referral?

A: You can earn a referral either by filling out the online form on a new referral, or via reference by phone.

 Q: How many of my seats do I need to renew to be eligible for the renewal program?

A: You must renew the same number of seats you held the previous season (or more) in order to be eligible to participate in the referral program.

 Q: What if someone I referred already purchased a ‘Caps Club Membership but forgot to mention me as their referral, can I still receive the rebate?

A: If not mentioned at the time of purchase, any referral must be communicated to a Whitecaps FC account representative within five business days after the time of purchase.


 Q: What is the ‘Caps Card?

A: The ‘Caps Card is your paperless ticket, loyalty rewards and experiences program, and merchandise and pub partner discount card.

 Q: What is the ‘Caps Card Loyalty Program?

A: 'Caps Club Members can enter for exclusive prizes and rewards.

 Q: When will I receive my ‘Caps Card?

A: ‘Caps Club Members can expect to receive their ‘Caps Cards prior to the start of the season.

 Q: How can I pay for my ‘Caps Club Membership?

A: The club accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If you wish to pay by Debit, in cash, or by cheque, please contact your Whitecaps FC account representative for more details.