Girls Elite REX

As part of the Canada Soccer Pathway, Whitecaps FC have partnered with BC Soccer and Canada Soccer to launch the first Women's Regional EXCEL Centre (REX) in Western Canada. Today, the program is a Super REX Centre, welcoming top women's soccer prospects from across Canada to attend school, train, and play together daily in Burnaby, BC.

The program kicked off in January 2015 and is led by Whitecaps FC Girls Elite staff with support from BC Soccer. The head coach of the program is Chris Sargeant.

Key Program Details

The Girls Elite Super REX is a fully funded, full-time development program in Vancouver that maintains a standardized national curriculum for female players U-13 to U-18, feeding into Canada Soccer’s Women’s National EXCEL Program.

What is EXCEL?

Goal 1: To achieve consistent podium performances by our Women’s National Team.

Goal 2: To create an aligned talent structure and system that progresses more top players to the Women’s National Team and more often.

Goal 3: To align community, regional and provincial/territorial talent development programs with the EXCEL talent pathway.

The National EXCEL Program is a six-year structure for developing female players U-14 to U-20 who demonstrate the highest level of ability in preparation for their contribution to Canada’s Women’s National Team. The program is built on four pillars of development – physical, technical/tactical, mental, and social/emotional.

The Whitecaps FC Girls Elite Super REX Program in Partnership with BC Soccer includes:

  • Individualized programs target areas of player ability and deficiency using statistical and video analysis
  • Team concepts, tactical applications, injury prevention, and athletic nutritional requirements
  • Age specific training with emphasis on speed of play and performance criteria
  • Training is based out of Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby, BC, with the younger Pre-Girls Elite group at Simon Fraser University (SFU)

For more information on Canada Soccer’s Women’s EXCEL Program, visit canadasoccer.com/w-excel.


Whitecaps FC, BC Soccer, and Canada Soccer have partnered together to deliver a Super REX (Regional EXCEL) Centre, which brings together top women's soccer prospects from across Canada to attend school, train, and play together on a daily basis.

The EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) is the official partner league and main scouting vehicle within BC for Whitecaps FC professional youth development programs.


Entrance into the Whitecaps FC Girls Elite Super REX Program in partnership with BC Soccer is by invitation only, and done in conjunction with Canada Soccer National EXCEL staff.

Within BC, the EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) and BC Soccer’s High Performance Programming will act as Super REX identification, evaluation, and assessment platforms throughout the year. Players selected for the Girls Elite Super REX Program will be removed from their community club. Players invited into this program are done so based on an ongoing evaluation process.

Across Canada, Whitecaps FC work together with Canada Soccer, and have official partnerships with the provincial associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

Follow the program

Get all the latest news and updates on the Girls Elite Super REX program by following the official program account on Twitter at @WFCElite.