Whitecaps FC Host Family Overview

Each year there are several young players coming to the Whitecaps FC Academy who leave behind friends and family and have made the commitment to come to Vancouver from across BC and Canada to pursue their dream. An integral part of these young players’ success is ensuring that they have a great support network both on and off the soccer field, as well as a comfortable home to live in with a supportive family.

Whitecaps FC recognize the enormous commitment and dedication of all our Host Families. The countless hours spent ensuring players are well fed, healthy, and comfortable in their new ‘home’, and most importantly the emotional support and sense of family that is provided to our players, is vital to the success of the program.

Our Billet Program matches Academy players with a local Host Family who welcomes the player into their home for the duration of the season. The Host Family offers a safe and supportive environment that provides stability for the player, allowing him to focus his efforts on his academic and athletic achievement. Players will stay with the Host Family for most the year while attending school and training daily (mid-August to mid-July). If a good fit for a player is found, a Host Family may have the same player living with them for up to five years until they graduate from the Academy. Host families are considered part of the Whitecaps FC team; without them the team would not be a success.
Billeting can be a wonderful opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a talented and dedicated young athlete. It allows you to learn about the game of soccer from the perspective of the player and his unique position on the team and offers you an inimitable opportunity to see someone grow in confidence and ability over a very short period of time. Players can act as great role models for young family member to show what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Many families who have billeted in the past stay in touch with players and follow their careers as they move to higher levels of play either for Whitecaps FC or throughout professional clubs worldwide.