Video Board Special Messages

Vancouver Whitecaps FC are happy to provide fans with the opportunity to purchase a special message to be shown on the video board at the end of halftime at each home game. To make your request, please complete the Special Messages Request Form.

 Q: When are messages displayed?

A: Special messages are generally displayed at the end of halftime and are preceded by an announcement indicating that special messages are being displayed on the video board.

 Q: Do I have to book in advance?

A: Bookings must be received 5 business days in advance of a match. For example, for a match on a Sunday, messages must be booked by MONDAY. Special message space for a given match can sell-out. Messages are booked on a first come first serve basis.

 Q: How long can my message be?

A: Special messages can be a maximum of 60 characters for each message (includes spaces and punctuation).

 Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost for each special message is $20 and a credit card is required at the time of the request. 

BC Childrens Hospital 

All money raised through special messages will be donated to Whitecaps FC’s community partner BC Children’s Hospital.