Waston - photo shoot - in car
Revista Perfil

Our captain is cooler than yours

When you score the goal that sends your country to the World Cup, you become a national hero.

And that is exactly what has happened to Vancouver Whitecaps FC captain Kendall Waston, who was featured on the cover of Costa Rican magazine Revista Perfil this week. The cover story, titled The Giant of La Sele, digs deep on Waston’s upbringing, family life, heartbreak of missing out on the 2014 FIFA World Cup, move to Vancouver, and much, much more.

It’s certainly worth a read – or, if you’re like me, a Google Translate.

When you’re featured on the cover of a magazine, you also get a snazzy photo shoot. Here are some of our favourite snaps of Waston, his wife Priscila, and their son Keysaack.

Looking good, guys!