'Unconditional love:' Happy Mother's Day from the 'Caps!

“She means everything. She has made a lot of sacrifices for me to be able to play this sport, from driving me to countless soccer practices and tournaments when I was young, coming to all my college games, all my pro games now, and the amount of work and love that she has shown me over the years. For me there's no other mom like that, I’m thankful to have her, and I think she should be recognized every single day." - Sean Franklin

“My mom is love, unconditional love, no matter me or what my sister do, she’ll love us no matter what. She has always provided for us and made us feel like we are the richest, making sure there is always food on the table. She's someone that we can always count on to be there to talk to when we need someone." - Russell Teibert

“Happy Mother’s Day mom, you are everything to me, my motivation for everything, and I wish for you to be by my side forever." - Aly Ghazal 

“I think my mom, as well as moms in general, mean everything because they put us in the world – the same as my wife did with our sons. I can’t put it into words because they mean everything to me." - Felipe

“It’s an important day for us to show our appreciation to our mothers and for all they did for us growing up. I know especially for me she did so much off the field so I could perform, play, and get to practice on time. All that was a lot of help for me when I was young." - David Norman Jr.

“My mom means everything to me. I'm lucky that she lives with me here in Vancouver. I love her to death and I’m happy that I can enjoy life with her every day.” - Marcel de Jong