Group Experiences

Group experiences are a great way to enhance your group outing. To learn more about the activations below, please call 604.484.7866 or email at

All experiences come on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Youth Experience


There are numerous different outings you can choose from to inspire the next generation of soccer players ages U18 and younger. Click here to see the activations and ticket minimums.



Centre Circle

Vancouver City Flag

Show your commitment to the ‘Caps and stand with the Vancouver City flag at centre pitch during our opening ceremony at our next home match.



Giant Jersey

Get down on the pitch during the anthems and starting 11 with while holding the Unity Jersey with your group!

Ticket Minimum: 30




Whitecaps FC Flag

Whitecaps FC Flag

Give your all and your honour on the pitch holding the Whitecaps FC flag during anthems and starting 11.

Ticket Minimum: 30




Birthday Outings

Birthday Outings

Celebrate your birthday with 10 or more participants will have their name recognized on the big screen. You’ll also receive a gift and visit from Spike. Gifts and visits are limited.

Ticket Minimum: 10


Bench Warmers

Bench Warmers

Join the action prematch on the pitch and watch Whitecaps FC warmup from our bench.

Ticket Minimum: 75


Group VIP

250+ Group VIP Trip

Be one of the first groups of 250 or more for the 2019 season for your chance to win a trip to a Whitecaps FC away match. You'll get the full VIP experience when you travel with the team, stay at a hotel and attend the match!

Ticket Minimum: 250


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