Media FAQs


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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND COURTESY: Professional journalistic ethics and courtesy must be extended to players, coaches, staff, and other members of the media at Whitecaps FC matches, training sessions, and events at all times. Cheering or unruly outbursts in media areas, use of the credential to access restricted areas, requests for autographs and/or pictures, or to escort non-passholders to media areas are all examples of offending actions that will result in forfeiture of future access. Media credentials are non-transferable.


  • Media credential pickup: Approved credential applicants may pick up their passes at BC Place Media Entrance, which opens three hours prior to kickoff. The media entrance is located along Expo Boulevard, across from Impark Lot #313. Visit for credential application.
    • From the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station, walk westbound along Expo Boulevard toward Costco
    • From Robson Street/Beatty Street, walk through the Terry Fox Plaza toward Gate A, then southbound around the Stadium past Gate H, and down the stairs to street level. Once on street level, walk northbound to Expo Boulevard, then turn northeastbound into the tunnel
  • Check-in: Media members covering their first match of the season are asked to check in with a member of the Whitecaps FC Communications team at Media Box A upon arrival.
  • Guidelines for photographers and camera operators: Click here to review the MLS guidelines for photographers and camera operators.
  • Parking: There are several options for paid parking lots around BC Place. Please refer to the map above for reference.
  • Bibs: Photographers and camera operators on field level will be required to wear bibs on match days. Bibs will be available on match days at the media entrance. Media will be required to leave an ID when loaning out a bib for the match and will get their ID back when the bib is returned. Full-season credential holders are permitted to keep their bib throughout the duration of the year and are asked to return following the last match they cover for the season.
  • Press box: The press box for Whitecaps FC matches is located in Media Box A on Level 3. From Level 1, please take the elevator just inside the media entrance.
  • Photography work areas: Photographers are provided work spaces at the media conference room next to the team press lounge and across from 104, and at Media Box A next to the photocopier. 
  • Locker Rooms: Both locker rooms are located on Level 1. The Whitecaps FC locker room is across from the media entrance. The visiting team locker room is next to the West Field tunnel, between seating Section 1 and Section 54.
  • MLS Game Guides, lineup sheets and statistics: In an effort to care for the environment, media members are encouraged to use the online versions of the matchday resources. MLS Game Guides are available here, and the lineups and statistics are available on the Matchcentre on Copies will be provided for broadcasters and a limited number will also be made available in Media Box A.
  • Post-match procedure: Head coaches will be available to the media around 10-15 minutes after the match. VWFC head coach will be in the media conference room next to the team press lounge and across from 104, and the visiting head coach will be outside the visiting locker room. Please refer to signs at the press box in the event of any changes.
  • WIFI: Network: BCPX, username: mediawifi. Please refer to signs in Media Box A for the password and in the event of any changes.
  • Other media resources: Please check for weekly storylines, pre-match and post-match soundbytes, media guide, and other resources.


  • Interviews & credentials: Media are asked to email as early as possible for interview and credential requests while on the road. Whitecaps FC Communications may only assist with credential requests as the host club manages accreditation at each venue. 
  • Media availability at YVR: On select road trips when the team does not train in Vancouver prior to departure, the team may be available to the media at the Vancouver International Airport. Interviews are usually conducted by the check-in desks in the International Departures area (Canada Departures if travelling within the country). Media are asked to check for the weekly schedule, as well as to email for specific player requests.


  • Venue and schedule: Training sessions in Vancouver are held at the WFC NSDC at UBC or at BC Place. Please visit for the weekly schedule including time and field information, and media availability.
  • Access: All media are asked to email if they are attending a training session. Non-credential holders are asked to apply for training session media credentials on
  • Check-in: Media members covering training for the first time in the season are asked to check in with a member of the Whitecaps FC Communications team upon arrival. 
  • Working areas: Working spaces for media are provided inside the media entrance at the NSDC. 
  • Guidelines for photographers and camera operators: Photographers and camera operators are allowed to film parts of training from the perimeter of the field. Media are asked to refrain filming parts of the session that that reveal tactics such as set pieces and starting XI. Please check with a member of the Whitecaps FC Communications team for guidance.
  • Parking: Please check the NSDC map above for parking information. 
  • Bibs: Photographers and camera operators are required to wear bibs at training sessions. Bibs are available at the NSDC, and the media are asked to return after use. 
  • Media availability: Media availability usually follows training but schedule may vary. Please check for the weekly schedule. Media are encouraged to email for specific interview requests.