Player Comparisons

Though they may contrast as clubs at the moment, both Vancouver Whitecaps and Los Angeles Galaxy share some comparisons.   The Galaxy may have claimed the world’s media attention following the arrival of David Beckham in the summer, but Todd Wawrousek’s side will be keen to make headlines on Wednesday when they take on their Major League Soccer visitors at BC Place.   Both squads include some interesting characters that have interesting traits. With this in mind, asked centre back Adrian Cann and striker Eddy Sebrango to compare and judge who has the better features from both teams.        (Question 1) Who has the best abdominal muscles - Cann and Sebrango or David Beckham?   Sebrango: We are winning by 100 per cent. David has nothing on the two of us!     (Question 2) Who has the best hair – Steve Kindel or Abel Xavier?   Cann: It’s always going to be Steve Kindel, that’s for sure.   (Question 3) Who plays the best air guitar – Martin Nash or Alexi Lalas?

Sebrango: Lalas, definitely.   Cann: It has to be Lalas. He’s pretty good!   (Question 4) Who was the better ex-player - Bobby Lenarduzzi or Frank Yallop?   Sebrango: Bob Lenarduzzi because he’s our boss.   (Question 5) Which coach has better dress sense on the sidelines - Todd Wawrousek or Frank Yallop?   Cann: I like Todd because he’s ‘oh naturelle’. He’s very organic and I like that.     (Question 6) Which men’s cologne would you choose to wear - Intimately Beckham or Calvin Klein?   Cann & Sebrango: Calvin Klein, all the way.