Soccer stadium opponents don't recognize facts - The Vancouver Sun

Letter Re: Central waterfront doesn't need another eyesore, April 26 Once again, stadium opponents play fast and loose with the facts. In her letter, Caryn Duncan makes a ridiculous assertion that a majority of Vancouverites are opposed to the proposed Whitecaps stadium. She knows the facts don't bear this out. Throughout the stadium debate, there have been four rounds of public consultation and two scientific polls conducted by the respected Mustel Group. All of these studies have shown that, on average, 70 per cent of Vancouverites support the Whitecaps stadium on the waterfront. On top of that, thousands of letters, e-mails and signatures have been presented to our local politicians by citizens who don't normally get involved in politics. That may explain why city council has twice voted unanimously in favour of the stadium. That the stadium is being held up by the complacency of our local and federal politicians is one thing. But it shouldn't be held up any further by elitist activists who still number only a few dozen. BILL CURRIE Friends of Soccer Vancouver © The Vancouver Sun 2008