Whitecaps and BCSA profile Affiliates

The Whitecaps and the British Columbia Soccer Association are profiling their Super Y League Affiliate teams at this weekends Whitecaps Men’s game at Swangard Stadium. All twenty Super Y League affiliate teams from Mountain WFC along with Coastal and Surrey WFC will be recognized in a pre game ceremony prior to the Whitecaps Men’s vs. Carolina game Saturday 7pm at Swangard. This is the second year of the Whitecaps and BCSA affiliate program. In 2007 Coastal sent two teams to the North American finals in Florida and finished as a top ten ranked Super Y league club. Mountain sent four teams to the 207 championships in Florida and were number three ranked in all of the Super Y League. In their first year in 2008, Surrey WFC are fielding U13 and U14 Boys and Girls teams and are challenging for a place at the Florida Finals. All teams are also in action this weekend in Super Y league play, with Surrey WFC hosting Coastal on Saturday and Yakima on Sunday. While Mountain will host Evergreen Saturday and West Coast Capitals on Sunday. Mountain U15 and U16 Boys are also in action Sunday against Yakima. The Super Y League contains the premier clubs and players in divisions from across the U.S. and Canada. All the Whitecaps BCSA affiliates are currently battling in the Super Y Northwest division for the right to represent the Whitecaps and BC Soccer at the Super Y-League North American Finals in Florida in November. The Super Y League affiliate program is a partnership between the Vancouver Whitecaps and the British Columbia soccer association.