Whitecaps soccer camp rescheduled for spring - Prince George Free Press

The Vancouver Whitecaps' fall soccer camp that was scheduled to take place Saturday and Sunday has been rescheduled to next spring, May 2 and 3, as part of a special Whitecaps Prince George Youth Soccer Association (PGYSA) youth soccer season kickoff. Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced the decision on Friday. "While there was much interest in the camp, this change will help to accommodate many scheduling conficts with many participants regarding the timing of the camp and in relation to the number of local PGYSA soccer programs that are starting and are now underway," Anita Sexton, PGYSA programs administrator and facility manager, stated in a press release. "The change also provides a great opportunity to partner with the Whitecaps to use the camp to help profile and kickoff our youth soccer season, as all of our PGYSA programs will start the following week of May 9 and 10." Players that have registered for the camp will have their registration held as a credit towards the spring camp. For any players or families that are unable to attend, there will be a refund issued, with apologies for any inconvenience. For more information and registration for the Whitecaps PGYSA camp, visit the PGYSA website at www.pgysa.bc.ca, e-mail pgysa@telus.net or call 250-564-5900