'Caps get hot but return to warm hearts

BLOG & VIDEO #2: Bob Mackin - 24 Hours Swahili is the native language of Tanzania and surrounding parts of East Africa. Joto was a word the Vancouver Whitecaps learned first hand (but mostly foot) on Saturday on the synthetic turf pitch at the Tanzania Football Federation headquarters in Dar es Salaam on Saturday (CLICK HERE to see Mackin's 24 Hour Podcast). Joto (pronounced joh-to) means hot. I measured 50 degrees Celsius at field level with my thermometer, which generated the quote of the day from captain Martin Nash. "That's 46 degrees warmer than we're used to." Backup goalkeeper Simon Thomas had to leave the pitch due to heat exhaustion. His fair complexion was soaking up too many rays. So it goes for members of the Pale Force when visiting sub-equatorial Africa. I'm thanking the makers of SPF 45 for keeping me pink instead of lobster red. Darren Woloshen, the Caps' equipment manager, forget his hat, but improvised with a goalie glove to cover his scalp. Some of the kind locals went outside the compound to the noisy Kariakoo open-air market and bought more water to quench thirsts and ice to cool players' feet. The blue bags from Kariako were emblazoned with the image of Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. CLICK HERE for complete blog... For more on the Whitecaps historic trip to Tanzania, including videos and photos, visit the Whitecaps revamped FANZONE. Additional blog's from Bob Mackin in Tanzania BLOG & VIDEO #1 - Whitecaps arrive in Dar es Salaam