Trafford's Diary #8 - Schools and Simba

Trafford's Tanzania Diary #8 - The Province BACK OF THE NET Wednesday started off with another early morning practice at the National Stadium. Training was quite short, with a focus on preparing for Thursday’s match. A quick jog and light stretch, three-team possession, crossing and finishing, and finally a small-sided game to get the legs going. We arrived back at the bus to find that it had broken down, so we spent over an hour outside the stadium waiting for someone who knew how to fix it. When we got back to the hotel, we quickly ate breakfast, showered, and got ready for the afternoon school visits we had planned. The school visits were tons of fun. The first school was a primary school located on a Tanzanian military base. The base was like a small village; with apartments, the school, and the military buildings making up the little community. The school was more modern than the one at the orphanage, but it was still very different from what we are used to in Canada. CLICK HERE for complete Diary #8... For more on the Whitecaps historic trip to Tanzania, including videos and photos, visit the Whitecaps revamped FANZONE. More blog entries from Mason Trafford Diary #1 - Day before trip - Can't wait 'til tonight Diary #2 - At YVR - Onward and upward Diary #3 - First day in Dar es Salaam Diary #4 - Hot, Hot Heat Diary #5 - Can't wait for Yanga Diary #6 – Match One Diary #7 - First Day Off