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My first week back at Whitecaps FC

The headlines said that Whitecaps FC legend Carl Valentine returns to the club. For me, however, being in the office was more like "rookie Carl Valentine joins the Whitecaps FC staff."

Obviously, I have lots of experience on the pitch as a player and a coach, but it is a new experience getting acclimatized to the office environment (my "rookie cookies" for the staff will arrive next week). The first week is now behind me, and as I reflect on my time in the office, it has been a special five days.

It started with the announcement of my return at the beginning of the week, and the very positive media response on me being back with Whitecaps FC. On some of the interviews I did, I swear some of the media seemed happier than I was with my return…if that’s possible. It was nice to see that many fans in Vancouver remembered me and were happy to see me back with the club I left England for.

On top of that, the 'Caps office staff has gone out of their way to help me settle into my new role. It has been exciting to resume my friendship and work with people like Bobby Lenarduzzi and his brother Danny. I'm also excited by the prospect of working and learning from chief executive officer Paul Barber and the rest of the club's dedicated staff.

This week just confirmed what I already knew. There are exciting times ahead for Whitecaps FC and I am delighted to be a part of it!