Vancouver 86ers won four consecutive CSL championships

Valentine connects with the greats from yesteryear

The first project I was asked to look after was the alumni of Whitecaps FC and the 86ers. For me, this was the best start I could have asked for.

The history of our club - proudly featured on the backs of our new jerseys with the words "Since 1974" - has significant importance, and many of the alumni have played a major part in connecting our club with the community.

It has been very nostalgic and fun the first two weeks, as I have connected with so many great teammates of the past and some that I never had the pleasure to meet. Whatever the case, we all had one thing in common. We forged the history of this great club, and could now look forward together, as Whitecaps FC make new history in Major League Soccer next year.

Many players will tell you that when you retire from the game, the thing you miss the most is the camaraderie you have in the dressing rooms, which is so hard to recreate in most walks of life. And the excitement that I have experienced so far from our alumni has been immense.

My primary goal is to have active alumni who are at our matches and in the community; to bring back our alumni who are still in town and those that are far away. I know there are a few favourites I would be looking forward to seeing again, and I bet you have favorites too. There are so many great names of the past, and I would really love to hear who you would like to see. So please share your favourite memories of players from yesteryear and stay tuned for future alumni appearances.