'Caps & 'Staches - Week 2

'Caps & 'Staches: Weak 1 over, on to Week 2!

Vancouver Whitecaps FC front office staff participating in Movember have had a pretty easy first week with little trash talk and even less facial hair to show for it.  ‘Caps legend and club ambassador Carl Valentine has had a decent start but so far, it looks like fellow icon and current club president Bob Lenarduzzi has the early lead.  CEO Paul Barber, meanwhile, has little to no facial hair to show for his efforts.  The remaining front office participants have been putting on the pressure with the sales and communications departments having a good showing of hair growth.

Among the participants are Whitecaps FC players Joe Cannon, Jay DeMerit, Greg Janicki, Michael Nanchoff and Jay Nolly.

However, let’s not lose sight about what this month is really about – raising awareness and money to help fight prostate cancer. Therefore, the whole point of “‘Caps & ‘Staches” is to do our part and help support that cause by damaging our social standing with unsightly facial hair and raising money through kind donations. CLICK HERE for the Whitecaps FC Movember page.

So far, Vancouver Whitecaps FC have raised a total of $630 for the first week. However, it’s our fans who have been truly impressive, raising a total amount of $1,087 so far.  That brings the combined club effort to $1,717 for both groups.

So far, out of all the entrees in Major League Soccer (MLS), our fearless leader Bob Lenarduzzi is ranked third out of the individuals raising money. As far as teams go, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Fans and Vancouver Whitecaps FC are third and fourth respectively.  With three weeks remaining, it is evident that our goal of being the best and hairiest in MLS is completely achievable with our incredible supporters and our dedicated organization.