Delivering Season Tickets

Special Delivery

Vancouver Whitecaps FC season ticket holders began getting their tickets delivered Monday and Tuesday, as Round 2 is now less than 10 days away!

Early Monday morning Carl Valentine and Spike joined our partner Purolator to help deliver some very lucky season ticket holders their 2012 season tickets.

“We are just thrilled to be involved with a great organization like Whitecaps FC,” said Paul Merrick, Purolator General Manager. “It’s great to deliver season tickets to excited ‘Caps fans.”

Even an avalanche couldn’t stop Purolator trucks from getting the tickets to their destinations. So if you hear a ring of the door bell ‘Caps fans, make sure you are there to answer as it could be a Purolator special delivery.

Check out this video of Carl and Spike delivering season tickets:

Whitecaps FC 2012 Major League Soccer season tickets start at $329, plus applicable tax and a $10 processing fee per order. To secure a seat and for additional information about Whitecaps FC MLS season tickets, including loge seats andsuites, call 604.669.9283 or visit