Notes & Quotes image: Whitecaps FC 2-2 LA Galaxy

Notes & Quotes: Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2-2 Draw vs. LA Galaxy


  • With the draw, Whitecaps FC (31pts) remain tied for fourth place with Seattle Sounders FC, four points ahead of LA Galaxy (27pts) in the Western Conference standings
  • Midifelders Dane Richards and Barry Robson both made their home debuts for Whitecaps FC
  • Robson’s goal was his first for Whitecaps FC, first in MLS, and 100th professional goal of his career
  • Koffie’s goal was his second of the season and third of his MLS career
  • Camilo’s assist was his fourth in MLS play this season
  • Young-Pyo Lee’s assist was his fourth in MLS play this season
  • David Beckham’s goal was his sixth in MLS this season and fourth in his last five games
  • Jose Villareal’s goal was the first of his MLS career



Thoughts on the match:

“I think anytime you turtle up and you tie 2-2 it feels like a defeat, but it was an exciting game, an entertaining game, a fantastic crowd, and a great atmosphere. It was nice to be back here at BC Place and I think in the first half, we really played some excellent stuff, opened up the game well, scored two very good goals from midfield and created a couple of other chances. We had an excellent chance one-versus-one to make it 3-0, which obviously would have been a key moment in the game. Second half,credit to LA; they threw everything at us, they didn’t give up in the game and they made it hard for us.”

Thoughts on Barry Robson:

“I think he’s right on track. He was excellent tonight and he drove us forward. He kept great possession of the ball and him and Gershon did such a good job in the middle of midfield. Last time we played LA, we didn’t get nearly enough pressure on them. We did a much better job of that overall in the game and I think you can see how good of a player he is; he’s a fantastic player and he will help us a lot.”

On making few substitutions:

“When we are winning 2-0, we are pretty comfortable; there’s no need to really change. We did make one change, and in the end, it didn’t necessarily help us. At 2-1, it’s hard for a player to come in. I’m sure you guys know we’ve got six senior players who are not healthy right now. I’m sure those guys would be more likely to go in a game. It’s harder to put on players who I don’t think are ready for the game. I don’t mind making substitutions if I think it will help the game, but I don’t necessarily think it would’ve helped today.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I think we had a good performance. There are a lot of positive things we can work on in practice.”

On his performance:

“I have to give credit to the coaches. They always give us confidence and tell us that we can’t be scared of moving forward and shooting.”


Thoughts on the Match:

“The first 70 minutes we played well. We asked for a response tonight from the first time we played them and I think we got that. But we’re still a disappointed bunch in this locker room because we feel like we deserve more. I think one of the last hurdles we have is to see games out. There’s been many times this season where we’ve found ourselves in the lead and we haven’t been able to finish them off.”

On the play of Gershon Koffie and Barry Robson:

“We ask those guys to control the game, and for the first 70 minutes they got in their faces and kept it for us. Then there were times when we kept the ball and moved it from right to left, and they sat back and allowed us to play.”


Thoughts on the Match:

“It never finished the way that we wanted it to, but that’s football for you. [Los Angeles] are always going to have a spell in the game where they’re going to come at you, and that’s what they did in the last 30 minutes. We didn’t cope with it well, so it’s something we have to go to the training ground and work on for next time.”

On gamesmanship with David Beckham:

“He’s a terrific footballer and a great ambassador for the game. A lot of people look up to him, and he’s a nice guy, but on the pitch it doesn’t matter who anybody is. At the end of the day I’m trying to win for my team and he’s trying to win for his.”





Thoughts on the match:

“I think Vancouver came out and took control of the game in the early minutes. I don’t think our team felt comfortable on the field. It took awhile to get a little bit of rhythm; it didn’t look like we had a whole lot of confidence. I think our guys struggled in the first half and as the game went on, it slowed down a little bit, which helped us. Let’s face it, I think we can say we stole a point here because we took a lot of risks in the second half to try to get a goal and then certainly trailing in the last 10 minutes we really opened ourselves up and we are fortunate not to concede a goal there.”

Thoughts on Villarreal’s finish:

“We’ve seen a lot of that in training. He’s a young kid and he was put in the game to get a goal. He’s a good finisher; he’s a kid with a lot of confidence and he struck the ball beautifully.”

Thoughts on Josh Saunders:

“First of all, I think both goals by the Whitecaps were well taken. Koffie’s finish was excellent; stuck it in the corner, as did Robson. Two very good goals and Josh can’t be at fault for those. I think at the end of the game he had to make some big saves and he did. He made three very good saves and positioned our team to get a point. It was a big game for Josh to come through at the end and contribute.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I think two months ago we wouldn't have been able to come back from a two-goal deficit. But we've got character over the last couple of months and back into our team. They obviously had a lot of play in the first half and they played well, but we were able to capitalize on the hard work that we put in towards the end of the game.”

On the atmosphere at BC Place:

“It was a good atmosphere, it's a good crowd and it's nice to see the number of people whoturned out. It's great to have a hostile crowd; it's the way it should be in the game. It brings excitement and brings passion and gets both teams up, so we want more of that.”

On the addition of Robson and Miller to Whitecaps FC:

“It's always good for the league and good for different teams when European players come over and play here because they've got a lot of experience and played at a high level so it's good to see. It can only be great for the game in this country.”

On Villareal’s goal:

“Great goal. He's been doing in week in and week out in training. He works hard in training, he's a young kid and he likes to learn and he listens to the older players. Tonight was a good game for him.”

On friction with Barry Robson:

“Obviously we're both passionate about the game and both passionate about winning. He's Scottish, I'm English, so there's always a little bit of bite there. We went at it a little bit and we spoke after and it's all fine, but we both want to win the game so it's nice to have that in a game because it shows people care.”

On playing better at home:

“I think we played a lot better when we were at home. That was the difference tonight. Obviously they played well, but at home we played our best 45 minutes of the season at that point. We didn't play as well tonight, but not taking anything away from Vancouver they played well.”

On spoiling the ‘Caps lead:

“I much prefer to play a winning role but it's always nice to get a goal. I've scored a couple in the last few games. It's been enjoyable and I hope it continues.”


Thoughts on the match:

“I was happy I finally got to get on the field. I got the chance and I'm happy I got the goal for the team to tie it up and I'm happy with the result.”

On scoring his first MLS goal:

“Just training every day I guess it comes out. You see the ball and I immediately cut it to my left foot and bent it in far post. I just had to hit it. I don't have any words to describe it. I was very happy and I just want to keep going.”

On playing in his second match in MLS:

“Everything was pretty fast and I had a couple of touches on the ball, then everything slowed down. I got my rhythm together and it was good.”

Looking ahead:

“I'm going to continue to keep working and hopefully get a little bit more minutes.”


Thought's on the comeback:

“It's the fact that our team just believes all the way through the game. The guys played extremely well and we fought really hard through to the end of the game and I was able to come up with a couple saves. I wish I'd come up with the first one but that's just the way it goes. I can't say enough about the guys coming and fighting back for us.”

Dealing with pressure from the 'Caps:

“I think we did well, we did give up the ball in a couple of bad spots and we were part of our own demise, but we were able to turn it around and stay positive and go forward and tie the game up.” 

Feelings about his performance:

“Not good enough in my own mind. [If I] come up with another save here and yes we would win more games, but for me, I come up with that and we'd probably win the game. Not good enough and I want to continue to get better. You just build off it. You learn from the negatives and you learn from the positives so it's just one of those things where you continue to work and don't let your guard down.”