Notes and Quotes - July 27 2012

Notes and Quotes: 'Caps fall 2-1 to Salt Lake


  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC (34 points) remain third in the MLS Western Conference standings, they trail the first place SJ Earthquakes (43pts) by nine points
  • Today's meeting was the first meeting between Whitecaps FC and Real Salt Lake this season
  • The next meeting between these two sides will be on August 11 at BC Place
  • Darren Mattocks scored his club-leading seventh goal of the season
  • Joe Cannon was sent off for handling the ball outside his own box

Whitecaps FC- QUOTES

Martin Rennie

Thoughts on the game

“We didn’t take good chances, because if we had taken those chances we would have gotten ourselves a better result tonight, so that’s disappointing. I’m very pleased with how the players applied themselves, the effort they put in was good, their possession obtained was good, and we created enough to win the game, but unfortunately we didn’t take those chances and that cost us.”

Thoughts on Jay DeMerit

“I thought given the circumstances he did well. He was very harshly penalized on the penalty kick after he was off balanced and was nudged, following an incident where it was actually a throw in for us that wasn’t given, so that was a very disappointing moment, as was the second goal. Those things, when they go against you…you need to take your chances and we didn’t.”

Thoughts on moving on from the loss

“I thought we played well before the first goal. That was a big decision for a penalty kick, and the only difference between the teams, and overall, the difference in the game. I think those were two very good teams playing a good game. As frustrated as we are tonight, we’ll talk a lot of confidence from it and build for the next game at home against Salt Lake.”

Jay DeMerit

Thoughts on the game

“A little bit disappointed with the result; we had enough chances to tie and possibly win but sometimes things don’t bounce your way upfront and in the back we just made a couple individual errors. I’m disappointed but there was good overall play tonight from our side.”

Thoughts on the penalty in the first half

“Well, obviously I don’t go up with my hands up so I got hip-checked a little bit and my hand did come up and did hit the ball of course. But I thought he could have called it stepping into me as well. Obviously there was no call, so there is not much else you can do about that. 

Darren Mattocks

Thoughts on the game

“It was a very good game from end to end. There were about 15 minutes in the game when we had three or four chances and we should have taken advantage of those, but we didn’t and everyone pays for that.”

Comments on another game with a goal

“Yeah, it is something that I just keep working on from game to game and that’s what I have been told to do. I really have to give most of the credit to my team, the forward line, the midfield line, the defensive line and our goalkeeper has been doing a fantastic job and they expect me to put the ball in the back of the net.”

Real Salt Lake - QUOTES

Jason Kreis

Thoughts on Alvaro Saborio's performance

Thoughts on the penalty kick

“I really felt like we had the energy and we had the chances there. We were really on top of them and often times as a coach you see those moments, those five or 10 minute periods go by wanting, and that can be a really painful thing because you know that can come back to haunt you. I’m really pleased to see us score that goal at that moment and I do think it was just reward for all that the guys were putting in during that five or 10 minute patch.”

Nick Rimando

Thoughts on the team's performance after Vancouver's goal

“We kept on fighting. We’re going to do that at home no matter what, and it was a great ball from Javi and again, Sabo was strong up top and fought off his defender and rose up and headed home a great ball. The response was great; it was what I expect from this group, especially this far into the season.”

Nat Borchers

Thoughts on the performance of Mansally and Watson-Siriboe

“I thought they did a great job. Both are very athletic, very fast, and read the game quite well.  I think Dane Richards got behind us one time on Kenny’s side, but otherwise, he was really solid.  Kwame was the same way—just very composed on the ball, you know a great pro, so it’s really good to see that kind of depth right now.

Kyle Beckerman

Thoughts on the match:

“These days of summer are tough, so for that game to become three points for us instead of one was big for us.” 

“Yeah, it was a tough game for us. It was hot and they’re a good team. They have a lot of confidence that they’re playing with and they have some players that are dangerous.”

Thoughts on Vancouver Whitecaps FC

“We knew they would give us a fight. It was going to go one of two ways, we were either going to pounce on them and get the second goal, and then it would probably be over, or they get a goal and now we’re in a dogfight.”