Valentine’s Day with the ‘Caps

With chocolate hearts, teddy bears, and love in the air, the ‘Caps decided to get into the spirit with a Valentine’s Day game. We rounded up a few ‘Caps players and their partners in a fun game of “Who Knows Their Partner Best”.

Overall the couples that participated were fairly in-tune with their significant other. We threw in a couple of tough questions to get each pair thinking, and will share some of the cute and creative answers we received. 

1. If a magic genie granted your partner one wish, what would he or she wish for?

Jordan Harvey: Kim would wish for health for her friends and family and my wish would be to win an MLS Cup.

Kim Caldwell: Jordan would wish to win an MLS Cup, and I would wish for the ability to eat anything I want and never gain weight.

Matt Watson: For more kids! I would wish for unlimited wishes (Cat probably won't guess that one though).

Cat Watson: That I would stop nagging him to clean the bathroom, and that I would never have to clean the bathroom again!

2. If your partner won a million dollars, what would he or she buy first?

Tommy Heinemann: Oh gosh, probably a Vespa? I would buy a house and invest.

Katrina Heinemann: Hopefully take me on a shopping spree! I would buy a plane and hire a pilot so we could go see the world.

Matt Watson: That's another tough one, she's very frugal. I'm going to say a House in Maryland with a white picket fence. For me, a Lamborghini, probably purple.

Cat Watson: Matt would buy some sort of robot from Japan and I would buy a Range Rover.

3. If your partner won a trip to anywhere in the world where would he or she go?

Joe Cannon: I'd choose Italian wine country Tuscany (she better choose the same).

Marisa Cannon:  Australia for Joe, Greece or Tuscany for me. Italian food is my favourite. 

Tommy Heinemann: New Zealand for Katrina and um...New Zealand, obviously...

Katrina Heinemann: New Zealand, everywhere in Europe, Brazil, Belize... I would basically take a free trip anywhere!!

4. What is your partner's favourite ice cream flavour?

Kim Caldwell: Mint Chocolate, and for me Cherry Garcia

Jordan Harvey: Cherry Garcia for both (she converted me)

Joe Cannon: I'd guess she likes Caramel or Mocha Fudge. Mine is Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Marisa Cannon: Oreo or Heath Bar for Joe. I don't really eat ice cream but I love a few bites of those DQ Blizzards. 

5. If your partner could own any pet, what animal would it be?

Matt Watson: Hmm, I know she is partial to owls, however that seems like a boring pet. Probably something off-beat or quirky, maybe a lemur? But I'm going to say an owl. For me definitely a monkey!

Cat Watson: A monkey for both of us

Tommy Heinemann: Our dog Reese for both of us, for sure.

Katrina Heinemann: Our dog Reese, though I think it would be pretty fun to have a dinosaur!

6.  If your partner could pick one favourite article of clothing what would it be?

Kim Caldwell: His white American Eagle thermal and black leggings for me

Jordan Harvey: Black leggings for Kim, and black jeans for me (however she will probably guess my white American Eagle thermal)

Joe Cannon: I like my hoodies or CK underwear she got me....I think she needs her lululemon pants.

Marisa Cannon: His pj bottoms or his shirt that says "I'm a keeper". For me my Lululemon pants. I wear them all the time.  


Valentine’s Day is a day to truly cherish your partner, family, and friends. From all the players, coaches, and staff at Vancouver Whitecaps FC, we wish you, our dedicated fans and supporters, a Happy Valentine’s Day.