Road Warriors


The next three games for our ‘Caps are all away from home, so I took the chance to ask head coach Martin Rennie and some of his players what they think goes into making a good road team.

It’s been a great start to the season with two homes wins and now it’s time for Rennie and his team to be spoilers on the road, to frustrate the other team, and to be very hard to beat. If you have can play ugly on the road and get the home fans anxious, it creates tension for the home team.

While on the road you also have to deal with travel, heat and humidity, as well as going into the opposition’s building and dealing with the hometown fans.

Winning on the road really helps a team bond as they have to overcome many obstacles while traveling across the country with only each other to rely on.

So let’s hope our ‘Caps can find that winning formula.