Keys to the Game RSL

Carl's Keys to the Game vs. Real Salt Lake


1. Force the play

It’s been five weeks since the last home game and it’s against a good Real Salt Lake team and a Western Conference foe, so there could be some nerves early on.

WATCH: Dallas puts RSL under pressure

A good way to get past the nerves at the start of a game is to focus on pressuring the opposition straight from the whistle. When it comes to closing down your opponents, only hard work will get the job done.

If this is done well and you can create turnovers in the attacking third, it helps your possession game.

We know RSL would like to dictate the tempo with their passing game, but they've had a tough go of it on the road so far with three straight losses away from home, so with good pressure it should disrupt their flow.

2. Stop Kyle Beckerman

When this RSL team is in full flow almost everything goes through Mr. Beckerman.

WATCH: Beckerman sets up Saborio

He is the main link between their defence and attack. The dread headed midfielder is very good at finding space, has a great first touch, good awareness, and great vision. He is also very strong with his short or long range passing. He will drop deep to get the ball and try to get all his teammates involved in the play.

If we can nullify him for large periods of the game, it will take away one of their main weapons and give us a chance to take a stranglehold on the game and get that all-important win.

3. Crosses

I believe one of the main reasons we only came away with one point from our three consecutive road games was the lack of quality in our crossing.

WATCH: Great cross from Lee headed just wide

There were a number of times that we got into great positions out wide but did not deliver a good enough cross.

We have a lot of pace on the wings and have two of the best attacking fullbacks in MLS, so we should have been getting into good attacking positions behind the defence to cause havoc in the opponent’s penalty area.

I am sure the players have been disappointed with their delivery into the box, as these are real chances to set up a good scoring opportunity. 

Get the crosses right, finish our chances, and the and we should be celebrating another home win.