What we learned vs. Chivas USA
Bob Frid/Vancouver Whitecaps FC

What we learned vs. Chivas USA

The ‘Caps got off to a slow start against Chivas USA on Wednesday, but once they got rolling they ran out comfortable 3-1 winners and still remain unbeaten at home.

So what did we learn?

The magician

Camilo bags his first of two goals against Chivas 

There is no better sight than a Brazilian team in full flow, and when we talk about the beautiful game we are often reminded of the many great teams and players that country has produced.

Well we here in Vancouver are lucky to have our own Brazilian, and he is lighting up the field with his dazzling play.

Camilo is playing Samba football, and always with a smile on his face. While he may be small in size, he is big in stature and his status is growing all the time.

When you watch the Brazilians play, they are taught to be always on the balls of their feet, which allows them to change direction at will and have tremendous balance.

On Wednesday, Camilo’s first goal of the night to make it 2-1 was superb. He took a fine through ball from Russell Teibert and went all the way to net without breaking his stride.

His 11 goals are already more than our top scorer last year, and only two behind his 2011 total of 13.

Camilo was spreading his Brazilian magic again on Wednesday, and with that he’s continued to make our worries disappear.

Team defence

'Caps contain Chivas, hold them to distant shot

Yes, I know Chivas are the bottom team in the Western Conference and they are not the most potent team in the league, but it was important that we had a solid performance without the ball and – but for a deflected goal – I thought we got that right last night.

Our two central defenders, Carlyle Mitchell and Johnny Leveron, are young and both excellent athletes, and they looked more of a unit as they played their second game together.

In front of them, Nigel Reo-Coker and Matt Watson did a great job of protecting the back four, which made us more cohesive.

Even up front, our three forwards worked their tails off to put pressure on the opposition and force them to make bad passes.

With the way this team is attacking right now we know we are going to create chances, but we need to be strong in defence and last night was a good start.

Harvey all the time

Harvey gets 'Caps back in the game with 1-1 equalizer

After the game I found myself beside Jordan Harvey signing autographs. I gave him a hug and told him he reminded me of a yo-yo, “you are down then up, down then up,” I said. He just nodded and we had a good laugh.

Early in the match he had the ball defect off him for Chivas’ goal, but he didn’t get down. Instead, he continued to bounce back by getting us back in the game with our first goal of the match and his third in four games. In fact, in his past four games he’s scored more goals than he had the rest of his MLS career!

Harvey’s ability to bounce back is an indicator of great character – exactly the type of player you need on a winning team. He did the same thing in New York after his miss against Montreal, and he scored against New England after a rough first 20 minutes when the ‘Caps conceded twice. This kid has got character to burn.

When Alain Rochat was traded people were waiting to see if he could handle the pressure of being the starting left fullback. Not only can he handle it, but he is reveling in his new role.

Back in Philadelphia they had a little tune for Mr. Harvey. Enjoy ...