Sleep Out 2012 Bob and Ryan

Bob and Ryan Lenarduzzi “Sleep Out” to support Covenant House

For the second year in a row, Whitecaps FC president Bob Lenarduzzi and his son, Ryan Lenarduzzi, will be participating in Covenant House Vancouver’s second annual Sleep Out. Bob and Ryan, along with 28 other executives, leaders, and public figures around Vancouver, will be raising money and sleeping outside for one night in solidarity with the youth that may face many more cold and lonely evenings.

The Sleep Out will be taking place in major cities across North America in support of Covenant House. There will be 457 sleepers across three time zones, in two countries and twelve cities. Funds will be raised and all money will go towards life-changing work to help young people leave the streets and begin new lives.

“One night is nothing compared to the daily reality these kids face,” said Bob Lenarduzzi when asked about why he was participating in the Sleep Out. “The more awareness and donations we can raise in support of homelessness in Vancouver, the better chance these youth can get back on their feet and out in the community.”

If you would like to sponsor Bob and Ryan in their support efforts, you can visit their sponsorship page.

Below are highlights from Bob and Ryan's experience at last year’s Sleep Out visit.

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