Jeff Smith

2013 Fantasy Manager winners announced

More than a thousand Vancouver Whitecaps FC fans battled it out in this year's Official Whitecaps FC, MLS Fantasy Manager competition. After a grueling forty-two straight rounds, the top twenty managers earned not only bragging rights, but a spot within our prize circle. Congratulations to the following competitors:
1st Jeff Smith
2nd Derrick Freedman
3rd Tony O'Donoghue
4th Chris Williams
5th Scott Cardwell
6th Geoff H-g
7th Brenden Paulhus
8th Kristina Dyk
9th Todd Overlander
10th Todd Paulhus
11th Andy Seo
12th Brian Schneider
13th Kelly Douglas
14th Taylor Jotblad
15th David Norman
16th Murray Taylor
17th Wayne McCarthy
18th Benjamin James
19th Darcy Green
20th Sean Cranston
Just as in the 1986 film the Highlander ultimately there could be only one champion and this season that honour goes to Jeff Smith, "Playing MLS Fantasy Manager was a blast for me this year. To actually win Whitecaps FC’s official league is a great feeling." Not only did Jeff finish first overall in the Whitecaps league, but he also managed his way to 11th overall in the MLS league, beating out 25,220 others in the process. In fact, 'Caps fans were extremely well represented in the MLS league this season, with our top five Whitecaps league finishers placing within the top forty in MLS.
As a reward for their efforts those placing within the top ten will get to attend our Fantasy Managers suite at a home match in 2014, the full details of which will be announced in the new year. Our champion Jeff Smith will also be receiving a special behind-the-scenes tour of BC Place that day. "Getting a behind-the-scenes tour will be an incredible experience," exclaimed Jeff. "Next season can’t come soon enough. Is it March 8th yet?"
Our top five finishers also recieve player signed jerseys and scarves. Those finishing 5th through 10th will be receiving player signed 'Caps soccer balls and scarves, and  those finishing 11th through 20th have won themselves signed copies of the book Bob Lenarduzzi: A Canadian Soccer Story. Congratulations everyone. 
Finally, special mention goes out to our Fantasy Forecast volunteer blogger Scott Cardwell. Scott did a tremendous job of keeping our Fantasy Managers in the know week in and week out, and it comes as little surprise to see him near the top of the list for a second straight season. Congratulations Scott and thanks for your hard work this year. We'll see you all again at the launch of the 2014 MLS Fantasy Manager competition!