Carducci world cup predictions

World Cup Predictions: Carducci sticks to his roots

It’s prediction time! In the week leading up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, will publish the predictions of one Whitecaps FC player or coach every day up until the first match on June 12. Today, it's Marco Carducci's turn. 

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I have to support them because it’s my background, but I seriously do think they have a great chance to win. They’re a tournament team, they always step up and I think they have a lot of good players – a good mix of some veterans and some exciting youth coming up.


They have a lot of really strong players playing in the best teams in the world right now. I think they’re a team that will do really well, to be honest, and maybe even be a semifinalist.


Obviously they’ve dominated the last three tournaments, but if they do it again I'll be amazed. I think they won’t do as well as they’ve done and maybe get knocked out a little earlier.


Obviously I would like an Italian player to win it, so maybe if Balotelli has a great tournament. But I think Ronaldo will step up just based on his last season. If he carries that into the World Cup then he’ll definitely have a good chance at winning the Golden Boot.

We also asked Carducci what he thought of Obi the puppy's prediction of Croatia over Brazil in Whitecaps FC's World Pup Predictor contest. Here's what he had to say: 

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I’m going to have to disagree with the pup because I think Brazil would take the first game being the host. But Croatia is a good team so maybe the pup will pull it off. I’m a little scared going against the pup to be honest. I’ve seen the dog first-hand, very cute dog so I don’t want to be on its bad side but I have to go with my gut feeling.  

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