Carducci for Canada: Blog 2

Well, what a game that was. Playing England – in England, no less – isn’t an opportunity many players ever get. Playing under the lights on a flawless pitch only added to the experience. 

Needless to say, the match against England was a great test for us. Going into it, we knew the quality of the players we were up against, and we were looking forward to taking that challenge head on. 

So, after the 90 minutes, we came out with a hard earned 2-2 draw. It was a very good result for us, proving that we are continuing to improve looking ahead to the FIFA U-20 World Cup Qualifiers in January, where we know we’ll have to be at our best to reach our ultimate goal of booking our ticket to the U-20 World Cup next summer.

The next morning was a travel day to Marbella, Spain. Our sights are now set on our next two matches – against Russia on Saturday and the U.S. on Tuesday. We checked out of our hotel in Bournemouth, England and made our way back up to London.

We arrived at Gatwick Airport, killed a bit of time eating lunch and watching over the England match from the other night, and then eventually boarded the plane for our flight to Malaga.

This morning was our first training day in Spain. Tomorrow we play Russia, so in our free time guys have been preparing for the match with ice baths, treatment, and rest! Here's a panoramic shot from our hotel.

The big hit among the group has been FIFA and there are always games being played during our downtime (everyone claims to be the best). 

I’ve spent most of my free time the last few days watching a new TV series with my close friend Alex Comsia, who I roomed with in England. Alex used to play on the Whitecaps FC Residency team.

Tomorrow is another good challenge against a strong European team. We are all looking forward to building on our last performance. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading!

Until next time,