Volunteer Spotlight: 50/50 Ticket Seller Jose Sotelo

Volunteer spotlight: 50/50 ticket seller Jose Sotelo

If you have attended a Vancouver Whitecaps FC home match at BC Place, you are likely already familiar with Jose “the 50/50 man."

Jose Sotelo has been a dedicated 50/50 volunteer at Whitecaps FC matches since the program was launched in 2011 for the club’s first Major League Soccer season. He regularly dresses up in colourful costumes, often donning a bright blue wig and a ‘Caps flag as a cape.

The charismatic ticket seller has been volunteering with various 50/50 programs for nearly half of his life. Jose began his career as a 50/50 volunteer in 1995 and over the last two decades has played a key role in raising millions of dollars for a number of charities such as Whitecaps FC’s 50/50 program beneficiary and community partner, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

His fundraising success is likely due to his charming demeanor, not to mention the ‘Caps chants and songs that he enthusiastically bellows to go along with the sales pitch.

Speaking to Jose, it becomes clear that he is extremely passionate about Whitecaps FC’s 50/50 program benefiting BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Raising money for BC Children's Hospital is so important,” he says. “It goes to the kids and it’s a wonderful hospital. My friend’s child was in that hospital and they took care of her. It’s the best hospital to be in.”

Volunteering as a 50/50 ticket seller at Whitecaps FC home matches is also a socially rewarding experience – something that Jose happily attests to.

“My favourite part about volunteering at ‘Caps matches is working with other volunteers and getting to know them,” he says. “You get to meet other fans and make new friends. I love my 50/50 team.”  

As a 50/50 veteran, Jose is always eager to help recruit new volunteers and show them the ropes. 50/50 program coordinator Andrea Mameri has nothing but great things to say about Jose and his work ethic.

"Jose uses his voice to speak up for those who can’t,” Andrea says. “He is an inspiration and a role model for everyone. Noble, hardworking, and a team player describe him best.”

When Jose isn’t volunteering as a 50/50 ticket seller, the Port Coquitlam resident enjoys spending his time watching soccer and hockey, playing basketball, and singing karaoke. He also works part-time as a karaoke DJ.

In honour of National Volunteer Week, Whitecaps FC would like to extend a very special thank you to Jose and all of our 50/50 program volunteers. It is because of their hard work that the club is able to consistently raise approximately $20,000 for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation at every home match.

Want to join the 50/50 team? We are always looking for new volunteers!

To find out more about becoming a volunteer for Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s 50/50 program benefiting BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, please visit the BC Children's Hospital Foundation website or email 50/50 coordinator Andrea Mameri at amameri@bcchf.ca

To find out more about the 50/50 program and purchasing tickets, please visit Whitecaps FC's 50/50 program page