U-16 Residency Baldisimo

WFC Residency finish California road trip strong

APTOS, CA - It was a productive road swing for Whitecaps FC Residency in California over the April 30 to May 3 weekend as both U-18 and U-16 sides came out with points. Coach Rich Fagan's U-18 squad collected two draws and a win from the three matches, while the U-16 team recovered from two losses with a dominant 7-0 shutout performance on the last day.


San Juan SC U-18 hosted Whitecaps FC U-18 last Thursday, April 30 at El Camino High School in Sacramento, CA. The hosts opened the scoring on a counter-attack in the 40th minute when Ivan Gutierrez converted off a cross.

The 'Caps regrouped at the half and Kyle Jones responded for the visitors in the 55th minute. After receiving a 30-yard diagonal pass from Vaggeli Boucas, Jones controlled the ball clean with his first touch and struck the ball from 25 yards over the goalkeeper and into the top right corner. The equalizer was the final tally for the match to give the 'Caps a point to begin their trip.

On Saturday against De Anza Force U-18, Nike Azuma scored right before the halftime whistle for Vancouver. De Anza could not get past WFC goalkeeper William Diaz as the Port Coquitlam, BC completed a clean sheet in the 1-0 win.   

The ‘Caps wrapped up the weekend with another point on Sunday, this time against Santa Cruz Breakers U-18. The host side scored on a counter-attack in the 50th minute but the 'Caps was quick to equalize off a wide right cross just two minutes later. The 1-1 draw gave the Whitecaps U-18 a 16W-4L-8D record for 54 points entering the break.

“We always knew this was going to be a difficult road trip,” said U-18 Residency head coach Rich Fagan. “We scored a spectacular goal and had some excellent moments. As a team, we will focus on the positives and move forward together.”

The Whitecaps U-18 side resume action on Saturday, May 23 when they host Chivas U-18 at Whatcom Community College at 1 p.m. PT.

Whitecaps FC U-18 (April 30 at San Juan SC U-18)
18.William Diaz; 39.Josh Cuthbert, 16.Quinn Bredin (5.Vaggeli Boucas 41'), 6.Eric de Graaf, 3.Nike Azuma; 15.Drake Rendle, 24.Vana Markarian (23.Francesco Saporito 35'), 21.Dario Conte ( 7.Marcello Polisi 41'), 20.Kyle Jones; 12.William Grayson (17.Jeevin Kang 81'),14.Terran Campbell
Whitecaps FC U-18 (May 2 at De Anza Force U-18)
18.William Diaz; 2.Andre Baires, 6.Eric de Graaf, 5.Vaggeli Boucas, 17.Jeevin Kang;  7.Marcello Polisi, 15.Drake Rendle, 20.Kyle Jones; 39.Josh Cuthbert (12.William Grayson 46'), 3.Nike Azuma (24.Vana Markarian 46' (21.Dario Conte 73')), 14.Terran Campbell  
Whitecaps FC U-18 (May 3 at Santa Cruz Breakers U-18)
18.William Diaz; 2.Andre Baires, 16.Quinn Bredin, 5.Vaggeli Boucas, 17.Jeevin Kang; 7.Marcello Polisi, 21.Dario Conte, 15.Drake Rendle, 20.Kyle Jones; 12.William Grayson (3.Nike Azuma 55'), 14.Terran Campbell (39.Josh Cuthbert 46')
Whitecaps FC U-16 got off to a dream start last Thursday, April 30 against San Juan SC U-16. David Norman met a half-cleared ball at the edge of the box and finished into the far corner for the score to put the 'Caps up early. However, things turned in the 59th minute when Daniel Sagno was sent off with a red card. The hosts equalized on the ensuing free kick and then snuck in a six-yard strike in the 77th minute to escape with the 2-1 win. 
On Saturday against De Anza Force U-16, the hosts set the tone right off the start when George Korpontinos scored in the 2nd minute. WFC U-16 answered with consecutive goals by Glorie Amanda and Alan Camacho Soto in the 8th and 14th minutes, respectively. However, De Anza's firepower proved to be uncontainable on that afternoon, as they pressed forward and scored three more goals for a 4-2 win.
The resilient 'Caps U-16 bounced back on the following day against Santa Cruz Breakers U-16. The Blue and White kept its foot on the pedal, scoring seven unanswered for a dominant 7-0 shutout. Camacho Soto turned in a hat trick, while Amanda, Christopher Guerreiro, Noah Verhoeven, and Cole Morokhovich chipped in with one each.
"We needed a reminder of what a good team we are after two disappointing results and the boys reacted well," said first-year head coach Adam Day. "We were dominant throughout and we controlled the game well through our possession football. I am pleased with their efforts overall."
Whitecaps FC U-16 (April 30 at San Juan SC U-16)
30.Aidan Aylward; 43.Christopher Guerreiro, 47.Jonas Hakkinen, 4.Matthew Baldisimo, 32.Kadin Chung; 13.David Norman, 45.Munir Saleh; 36.Cole Morokhovich (44.Nathan Graziano 65'), 38.Noah Verhoeven, 27.Daniel Sagno (Ejected 59'); 41.Alan Camacho Soto (49.Glorie Amanda 62')
Whitecaps FC U-16 (May 2 at De Anza Force U-16)
42.Luciano Trasolini; 43.Christopher Guerreiro (31.Frazer Poulter 60'), 4.Matthew Baldisimo, 13.David Norman, 32.Kadin Chung; 37.Nicolas Apostol, 45.Munir Saleh; 36.Cole Morokhovich, 49.Glorie Amanda, 38.Noah Verhoeven; 41.Alan Camacho Soto (44.Nathan Graziano 65')
Whitecaps FC U-16 (May 3 at Santa Cruz Breakers U-16)
42.Luciano Trasolini (50.Dory Elliott 45'); 32.Kadin Chung, 31.Frazer Poulter, 4.Matthew Baldisimo, 43.Christopher Guerreiro; 37.Nicolas Apostol, 45.Munir Saleh (40.BrendaSkinner 45'); 44.Nathan Graziano, 38.Noah Verhoeven (36.Cole Morokhovich 45'), 49.Glorie Amanda; 41.Alan Camacho Soto (30.Aidan Aylward 73')