All-Puppy Team of the Week: Presenting the Bark at the 'Bird All-Stars

United Fetch League announced the Team of the Week on Friday, ahead of Sunday's much anticipated Bark at the 'Bird.

Scroll down below to see the starting XI, recognizing not necessarily the most productive at home, but the cutest canine companions spotted at last year's dog day afternoon at Thunderbird Stadium. (All photos courtesy of Bob Frid.)

*Some names are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual dogs or rappers, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

GK - With his cat dog-quick reflexes and ability to stare into an opposing player's soul, Cosmo is this week's top goalkeeper. 

D - Lola set the tone for her team, always the first to arrive to training.

D - With his tireless work rate, Snowy haunts opposing midfielders and UPS delivery men alike.

D - Shadow has a bone to pick with his coach due to his limited playing time.

D - Amid all the controversy, Snoop vehemently denies any gang affiliation, contrary to what his blue bandanna may imply.

M - The Disciplinary Committee has upgraded Mocha's foul to a red card for serious fur play. 

M - With a long and heavily decorated career, Ethel needs only a golden boot to complete her outfit.

M - Buddy earned a penalty kick for his team with a clear exaggerated dive at the point of contact.

F - Loyal to a fault, Maxie is unimpressed with the cat videos on your phone.

F - Sparky, who has a nose for the ball, was flying all over the pitch this week.

F - Rocky, pictured here during one of his 18 water breaks, treated the opposing defence like his favourite hydrant.

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