Registration now open for our Virtual Academy

Note that you perform these exercises at your own risk. Please use common sense. You must ensure you have a safe environment with ample space to move. If necessary, seek medical advice before strenuous activity; if you feel faint or light-headed, please stop.

By clicking the Join Now button below and entering the session, you understand and agree that Whitecaps FC may take photographic or video images of the participants. You further grant Whitecaps FC the right to use such image or likeness in connection with promotion of Whitecaps FC, MLS, and the sport of soccer.

Thursday marks our final Live Skills Clinic. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has participated since March. Please make sure to also thank the coaches for all of their work!

Live Skills Clinics - Final session - Thursday, July 2 at 2 p.m. PT

Today's PASSWORD is 07022020


On-field BMO Academy Centre sessions are also back next month! Registration is open.

What to do if you are participating in the drills:

  1. Get your space ready at home (make sure you have enough room to dribble)
  2. Set-up your computer or device so that you can see the screen and do your activity
  3. Click the "Join Now" button at the top
  4. Enter the password (which will be posted prior to the session)
  5. Wait to be admitted into the live clinic at 2 p.m. PT
  6. Turn the volume up to hear the coach's instructions
  7. Click "speaker view" in the top right corner to get the full screen of the coach
  8. Make sure your own microphone is on mute
  9. Follow along - after the coach demonstrates, it will be your turn to try!
  10. Ask questions at the end with the "chat" function on the bottom of the screen
  11. Have fun! And continue training with our Whitecaps FC Homeplay and BMO Ball Mastery series

*Please note that space is limited to the first 1,000 participants*

If you want to be featured:

  1. Click the "Join Now" button at the top of the page to enter the training session
  2. Make sure that video of your screen is on
  3. Enter your name before joining the session, or use the "rename" function after you have entered by going into "participants" and hovering over your name, then clicking "more", and then "rename". Please make sure that the correct participants name(s) are shown on the screen for the coach
  4. If you don't want to be featured in the main screen, please turn off your video
  5. After the training session is over, continue to practice the challenge and post your video and score on Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok with the hashtag #WFCSkills for a chance to be featured on the next Live Skills Clinic

What to do if you want to watch:

  • If you are not participating in the drills, you can follow and watch the live YouTube link at the top of this page, or on Whitecaps FC Facebook or Twitter pages.