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Founded in 1999, the Southsiders were originally a small group of strangers drawn together by their love of the Vancouver 86ers, as the Whitecaps were then known. The group established themselves on the south bleachers of Swangard Stadium, conveniently near both the beer garden and (in the second half, anyways) the opposition goaltender. From humble beginnings, the Southsiders have grown to include over 1200 members.

The Southside Experience

The Southside now encompasses a large chunk of the southeast corner (sections 249-254) of BC Place stadium. While this is the heart of the Southside, and the loudest part of the stadium, many of our members choose to sit elsewhere. We are open to fans of any age, asking only that if you choose to be a Southsider, you do your best to support the Whitecaps on the field. The Southsiders stand and sing for the entire match, encouraging the home side and making life difficult for the opposition.

The March

On most match days, the Southsiders get started well before kickoff. Our home pub is the Blarney Stone. After the pre-game beverages are consumed, the Southsiders will gather outside and walk to the stadium by the hundreds. This year, there will be a new route for the Vancouver Southsiders March to the Match, departing from Victory Square at Hamilton and West Pender. Follow the Vancouver Southsiders on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest information.