Youth Tickets

Inspire the next generation of soccer players and create a fun and affordable team building experience. It's the best way to wind up, or kick off your season.

Specially priced tickets are available to all youth soccer teams U18 and under.

Player Escorts

Dream Team

22 participants (ages 5-8) will walk onto the pitch alongside an MLS player during pregame ceremonies. Be a part of the starting 11. T-shirts provided.

Ticket Minimum: 250


Flag Bearers

Flag Bearers 

Up to 20 participants (ages 11-18) will have the opportunity to lead the teams out on to the pitch during the National Anthems holding national and club flags. T-shirts provided.

Ticket Minimum: 150


Post Match PKs

Post-Match PKs

Up to 15 participants can head down to the pitch after the match for a chance to take a penalty kick on team mascot Spike!

Ticket Minimum: 50


Ball Retrievers

Ball Retrievers

12 participants (ages 14-18) will have the opportunity to be on the pitch during the match retrieving balls throughout the match. T-shirts provided.

Ticket Minimum: 150


Bench Warmers

Bench Warmers

Watch the team’s warm-up from the Whitecaps FC bench! 11 participants from your group will get to enjoy the experience from the same seats as the pros.

Ticket Minimum: 75


Group VIP

Rally Tunnel

High five your favorite players as they enter the tunnel before stepping on to the pitch! This group experience is for 30 participants (ages 7-18).

Ticket Minimum: 75


Tim Hortons Mini Match

Tim Horton's Mini Match

Play like the pros at halftime in the Tim Horton’s mini match. Limited matches available. To be considered for selection, teams must be registered “Timbits” and have their own “Timbits” uniforms.


Youth Soccer Tournaments

July 7 Youth Tournament

Play on the pitch like the pros. Whitecaps FC are hosting a fun tournament pre-match for boy’s and girl’s teams. Please contact us for more information.


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