David Edgar celebration

Whitecaps FC welcome David Edgar to the broadcast booth for WFC2

If you’re a Whitecaps FC fan tuning in to the WFC2 match this Saturday at Thunderbird Stadium, you will see a familiar face in the broadcast booth. ‘Caps defender David Edgar will be making his broadcast debut, serving as the colour commentator for the match alongside Brendan Batchelor’s play-by-play. 

The Canadian international is in his 12th year as a professional and is currently rehabbing a knee injury suffered in the offseason that has put him on the MLS Season-Ending Injury List. Edgar is eager to get back on the pitch and help the ‘Caps, but in the meantime he is also looking forward to a new experience.

“I saw an opportunity there and the club has been fantastic with me,” tells Edgar. “I’ve been doing a lot of research. I went to watch Whitecaps FC 2 at the last broadcast, so I’m taking it very seriously.”

WFC2 are off to a good start in USL play, posting a 2W-1L-1D record through the first month of the season. Edgar is looking forward to watching the young team grow under first year head coach Rich Fagan.

“They’ve been fun to watch. I trained with a few of them last year. It’s been good to see the progress they’re making coming in. I’m enjoying it. I know Rich wants to play the way the first team wants to play, so it’s fantastic. It’s quite easy for me to understand that. I’m looking forward to seeing things in the game, seeing things differently.”

As a well-travelled footballer, Edgar has had the pleasure of being coached by various managers at numerous levels. Whether it be his start as a young boy in Kitchener, Ontario, or the pressures of playing in England’s top flight, Edgar has accumulated an abundance of knowledge along the way.

“It’s what I know, and I’ve been doing it my whole life. I want to stay in the game after I finish my playing career, whether that’s in a broadcasting role or in a coaching capacity. I want to open myself up to many opportunities. I’m looking to use the experiences I’ve had playing in high level games at the international and club level. I’ve learned over the past couple of years, especially as you get older, that you see a different side of the game that’s helped me. I feel I have a good knowledge of the game and hopefully I can express that to the fans.”

Edgar is keen on how he would like to conduct his commentary. Spending most of his 20s in England and watching a great deal of football broadcasts, he wants the average fan to understand how plays break down.

“I like good analysis and hopefully what I can bring to the USL games is my view on the game, whether right or wrong, my beliefs on what should or shouldn’t have been done.”

Playing in the English Premier League, and internationally for Canada, Edgar has had no shortage of tense moments. He admits throwing on the headset will bring on new nerves.

“I’m really excited. I am nervous, but it’s a good set of nerves. I’m looking forward to getting started and to see how my first broadcast goes. It will all be new to me, so I hope the fans bear with me.”

Whitecaps FC 2 host San Antonio FC this coming Saturday, April 22 at UBC Thunderbird Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3 p.m. PT. MLS season ticket members can redeem their vouchers at whitecapsfc.com/themedays, clicking the “Redeem Now” button. Additional ticket information is available at whitecapsfc.com/wfc2tickets, or by e-mailing wfc2@whitecapsfc.com