Adam Willcott

  •  07.27.1999
  •  Surrey, BC
  •  Surrey United

Defender Adam Willcott joined Whitecaps FC Residency in Sept. 2011 after coming through the youth soccer ranks in his hometown of Surrey, BC.

Willcott started his soccer career at the U-6 level with Surrey Football Club in the 2004-05 season. He then joined Surrey United Soccer Club, where he played from 2005 to 2011. His youth career included Most Valuable Player honours in tournament matches and summer soccer camps.

As a student in Surrey, BC, Willcott attended McLeod Road Elementary School for five years before he moved to Woodward Hill Elementary two years ago.

Willcott is a fan of Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney. He hopes to play in Manchester United’s Old Trafford home one day. Outside of soccer, the defender likes to play hockey and go camping. His favourite meal is homemade roast chicken with rice and gravy.