Residency Staff

Dave Irvine  Head of Team Operations
Craig Dalrymple Residency Technical Director
Rich Fagan Head Coach, U-19
Adam Day Head Coach, U-17
Steve Meadley Assistant Coach, U-17
James Merriman Head Coach, U-15
Scott Howey Head Coach, U-14
Alex Elliott U-14/U-15 Assistant Coach
Michael D'Angostino U-14/U-15 Assistant Coach
Craig Angus U-14/U-15 Assistant Coach
Raegyn Hall Goalkeeper Coach
Frank Ciaccia Residency Recruitment Officer
Ryan Clark Collegiate Transition Manager
Chris Franks Head Therapist/Physiotherapist
Andrew Bell Athletic Trainer
Justin Li Physiotherapist
Max Stanton Strength and Conditioning Coach
Roman Rose Residency Equipment Manager
Max Corcoran Residency Operations Manager
Andrew Foster Video Analysis Coordinator
Raaqim Amijee Operations Coordinator