Theo Bair

  • 1999
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  •  West Ottawa SC

A striker from Ottawa, Ontario who joined Whitecaps FC Residency in August 2015 from West Ottawa SC.

Blair started his youth career with Ottawa Royals, where he played from 2006 until 2011. He joined Capital United FC in 2011 until 2013, before landing at West Ottawa SC from 2013 to 2015. Blair has been a team captain during various points in his youth career. On the provincial level, he was on the Ottawa team in 2013.

Blair names his father as the most influential player on his soccer career for not only training and coaching him, but also for showing him the joy and pleasure of playing the beautiful game. 

2016-2017: Bair started 20 of his 29 appearances for Whitecaps FC U-18 chipping in with nine goals in the regular season. In the playoffs Bair appeared in three matches, adding a goal.

In 2016 Bair made his debut for the Canadian youth program in a U-18 series in El Salvador under coach Rob Gale. 

Bair names English side Arsenal and Vancouver Whitecaps FC as his favourite teams. His favourite player is Thierry Henry, and his dream stadium is Barcelona's Camp Nou. Outside of the soccer field, Bair likes to read, maintain his fitness, and travel. He also likes cycling and camping, and playing basketball. His favourite food is an Argentinian steak.