Academy Centre Players of the Month

Academy Centre Players of the Month - March

Whitecaps FC Academy Centres are a network of regional training hubs linked through key staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional supplemental club training for serious, motivated players. Whitecaps FC currently have a network from British Columbia to Ontario, including locations in Kamloops, the Kootenays, London (Ontario), Manitoba, Northern BC, the Okanagan, Saskatchewan, Squamish, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. For more information, visit and select the academy in your region.

Below are the Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Players of the Month for March.

Island Academy Centre

Name: Jazmine Wilkinson
Birth Year: 2002
What her coaches say: "This past few months has been particularly remarkable for Jazmine, playing a pivotal role in becoming Island champions with her VIPL Storm side then representing the 'Caps at the U-14 HPP event.  Her performances there resulted in her being called up to the U-16 Showcase squad, where she also impressed!

Her athleticism and technical ability coupled with her desire to learn and compete made her a stand-out recipient of this month’s award. Way to go Jazzy!"

Name: Dawson Blackford & Orrin Anderson
What their coaches say: Both players trained exceptionally hard this phase and received well-earned call-ups to the 2016 Adidas Cup squads. Fate struck a cruel blow as injuries prevent them attending the event this year. 

Orrin is a fantastic trainer – always inquisitive and has a great personality.  Dawson has showed tremendous progression this past few months, improving his footwork and awareness.  Wishing them a speedy recovery!"

Kamloops Academy Centre

Name: Jace Wiebe
Birth Year: 2004
What his coaches say: "Jace has been in our academy from the beginning. He has a fantastic work ethic and is always asking questions to want to get better.  He continues to strive to develop and is a great addition to our academy."

Name: Gabriella Sirianni
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: "Gabriella is new in our academy and has been a great addition with her fantastic attitude and excellent work ethic. She always has a big smile on her face and loves to play the game!"

Kootenay Academy Centre

Name: Nicole Byford
Birth Year: 1998
What her coaches say: "Nicole was a stand out player when we attended the Seattle showcase. Very comfortable on the ball and makes clever decisions when in possession. Nicole has also taken on a coaching mentorship role with our coaching in Cranbrook."

Name: Ryder Marazicola
Birth Year: 2001
What his coaches say: "Working with coach Sam Heap, Ryder has worked on his goalkeeping skills. Ryder is a very talented shot stopper who is brave and has improved so much that he is training with the oldest group."

London Academy Centre

Name: Michael Sneddon
Birth Year: 1999
What his coaches say: "Our 1999 boys team continues to impress at tournaments, and one of the reasons has been the dynamic attacking ability of Michael Sneddon.  Michael is quick, fast, elusive, technical, unpredictable, works well in combination with his teammates and is also able to create goal scoring opportunities where none should even exist.  Michael’s tenacity helps us win the ball further up the field and he is relentless in finding ways to create goal scoring opportunities, but his best attribute is that he is absolutely clinical with his finishing.  He finds a way to score goals…lots of them."

Name: Brooklyn Oosting
Birth Year: 2003
What her coaches say: "Our 2003 girls team is already turning heads in Southern Ontario as the girls not only get results, but play an absolutely beautiful brand of soccer in the process. We have been very pleased with Brooklyn whose tenacious play, ferocious work rate and smooth technical ability on the ball make her an amazing contributor to all aspects of her team’s performance.  Her versatility makes her equally likely to shut down the opponent’s top players when she is defending, create opportunities in combination with her teammates when in possession, or score beautiful goals when she is given an attacking role to play."

Manitoba Academy Centre

Name: Marco Paul
Birth Year: 2002
What his coaches say: "Marco played extremely well this month including his performances at the High Potential Player camp this month as a centre back. Great job Marco, keep it up."

Name: Erin Oczerklewicz
Birth Year: 2002
What her coaches say: "Erin is a great example on and off the pitch of the mindset it takes to be a high performance athlete. Erin has played really well this month. Keep up the good work Erin!"

Saskatchewan Academy Centre

Name: Khule Bekwayo
Birth Year: 2001
What his coaches say: “KB has an outstanding month competing in the Whitecaps FC U-14 HPP Event and then following up the next week and playing in the Whitecaps FC Showcase in the U-16 age bracket. KB played all six games over the two weeks, full minutes, scored four goals and was the engine in the midfield. For his outstanding performances he has been rewarded with a trial with Residency April 11 – 15. Good luck KB!”

Name: Cassidy Hayward
Birth Year: 2000
What her coaches say: Cassidy has been very consistent in terms of her performances in both training and games. She always comes prepared to train and keeps pushing the players around her to compete every time they are on the park. During the Whitecaps FC Showcase tournament she was a constant attacking threat!

Vancouver Academy Centre 

Name: Adrianna Giese
What her coaches say: "Adri is our youngest member of the academy and has improved a great deal over the Fall/Winter phase. She comes with a fantastic attitude every single week, rain or shine – even in the snow! She takes players on every opportunity she gets, always turns up early running rings round her parents and brother and is a fantastic addition to the academy. She certainly has a very bright future ahead of her and we are looking forward to seeing her progress even more."