Academy Centre Players of the Month

Academy Centre Players of the Month - April

Whitecaps FC Academy Centres are a network of regional training hubs linked through key staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional supplemental club training for serious, motivated players. Whitecaps FC currently have a network from British Columbia to Ontario, including locations in Kamloops, the Kootenays, London (Ontario), Manitoba, Northern BC, the Okanagan, Saskatchewan, Squamish, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. For more information, visit and select the academy in your region.

Below are the Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Players of the Month for April.

Island Academy Centre

Name: Aaron Henderson
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: "Aaron has been excellent. He is always keen to get on the ball and is improving every session. He has shown a great example of how a new player can immediately have an impact on the group. Great job Aaron!"

Name: Madison Calder
Birth Year: 2002
What her coaches say: “Madison’s high work rate has been instrumental in the improvement of her all round play. She is making decisions quicker and her possession has improved greatly. Keep it up Madison!"

Kamloops Academy Centre

Name: Tane Sherk
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: "Tane has been in our Kamloops program from the outset and has a great attitude and strives to be better every day. He listens intently and comes to training every week ready to go. We have seen a solid improvement in his play and feel he will only get better with his attitude and work ethic."

Name: Emma Mercuri
Birth Year: 2003
What her coaches say: "Emma has an outstanding work ethic and comes ready to train every day. She listens very intently and tries to put what she has learned into practice every day. Her passion and excitement to play exudes in every training session. Her game gets better every day, and with her willingness to learn she will only continue to improve."

Kootenay Academy Centre

Name: Maya Ida
Birth Year: 1999
What her coaches say: “Maya has been fantastic in her time with the Kootenay academy. She is an intelligent player that reads the game very well. She is a very versatile defender that recently played in a Kootenay HPP game and scored four goals as a striker."

Name: Tyler Peters
Birth Year: 2000 
What his coaches say: “Tyler works tirelessly at his game and is never afraid to express himself and try new things. He is a respected member of the group who never says no when it comes to assisting the coaches with other prospect squads."

London Academy Centre

Name: David Cubillos
Birth Year: 2002
What his coaches say: "David is one of five of our London-based players who made the trip to Vancouver this April. David’s technical ability, distribution, soccer intelligence, work ethic, athleticism, competitiveness and huge appetite to become an even more dominating player have made him an influential force in our training sessions, while being an absolute pleasure to work with."

Name: Adaira Nakano
Birth Year: 2003
What her coaches say: "As a midfielder, Adaira smoothly uses a mix of athleticism, superb technique, vision and soccer savvy to make a huge impression in the middle of the park.  In a recent championship game at an indoor tournament, Adaira found a way to navigate through a crowded midfield and then with an amazing display of creativity pulled off a jaw-dropping cutback that resulted in one of the most beautiful goals in the tournament.  Another outstanding performance in a recent win in Hamilton’s new downtown stadium also contributed to earning her our nod for female academy player of the month."

Manitoba Academy Centre

Name: Lachlan Lindsay
Birth Year: 2003
What his coaches say: "Lachlan is very eager to get better every time he is on the field. He has improved immensely over the year due to his commitment to improvement and the high personal standards he sets for himself."

Name: Jenna Kunkel
Birth Year: 2002
What her coaches say: "Jenna has really come out of her shell over the last month. She is constantly challenging herself to improve and the hard work is paying off as her performances have been great this month."

Northern Academy Centre

Name: Emma Moscrip
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: “Emma often looks to set the tempo in each and every session, which not only pushes herself individually but also helps improve the group collectively."

Name: Leon Meili
Birth Year: 2005
What his coaches say: “Leon is a member of our Cariboo centre. His approach to training has been terrific. His attitude, effort, hard work and application has been first class. "

Okanagan Academy Centre

Name: Seth Butler
Birth Year: 2003
What his coaches say: "This is the first phase Seth has been involved in the Okanagan prospects and we have been very impressed with his work rate, attitude and all round level of play. We look forward to seeing him continue to progress in future phases."

Name: Jadyn Murphy
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: "Jadyn is another new player to the program and she has settled in very quickly. She has a great attitude and solid technical skills. We are looking forward to seeing how she develops in future weeks."

Saskatchewan Academy Centre

Name: Jacob Houmphanh
Birth Year: 2005
What his coaches say: “Jacob is an exciting young player with loads of potential, always training with a smile and energy. Jacob has been identified as a HPP who trains an additional two session per week with our U-14 Prospects.”

Name: Claire Stillwell
Birth Year: 2000
What her coaches say: Claire has been very consistent in her training. She is becoming a leader and is always making players around her better. She most recently participated in the 2016 Whitecaps FC Showcase tournament.”

Sea to Sky Academy Centre

Name: Alex Fuez
Birth Year: 2004
What his coaches say: Alex has an exceptional work ethic and an obvious love of the game. He is attentive and focussed at every session. Alex is a very efficient player and a very quick learner. It’s very seldom that we have to repeat ourselves with Alex when coaching a topic."

Name: Juliette Pelchat
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: "Juliette shows up every week ready to work hard and has a tremendous attitude. Her visual awareness during the sessions is a pleasure to observe. Juliette is not afraid to take risks and is continually striving to better herself during the sessions. It is a privilege to watch her development.

Vancouver Academy Centre 

Name: Priya Dos Santos
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: "Priya is a part of the Skills Academy and the prospects groups. She has improved a lot since the Fall phase and has a fantastic attitude towards training. She is very technically good and always trying to take players on. We often see her watching the Girls Elite REX girls play."