Academy Centre Players of the Month

Academy Centre Players of the Month - May

Whitecaps FC Academy Centres are a network of regional training hubs linked through key staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional supplemental club training for serious, motivated players. Whitecaps FC currently have a network from British Columbia to Ontario, including locations in Kamloops, the Kootenays, London (Ontario), Manitoba, Northern BC, the Okanagan, Saskatchewan, Squamish, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. For more information, visit and select the academy in your region.

Below are the Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Players of the Month for May.

Island Academy Centre

Name: Ramsay Locke
What his coaches say: "Ramsay entered the program this year with great energy and a big personality! His willingness to learn and understand the Whitecaps way is great to see.  Ramsay is realising his potential and is impressing in the Pre Prospect Selects games with some fantastic displays."

Name: Morgan Labree
What her coaches say: “A very worthy recipient of this month’s award!  Morgan leads by example and has shown tremendous desire in a group that sets high standards.  Her ability in possession has vastly improved and her defending has been impressive the last few weeks."

Kamloops Academy Centre

Name: Luca Fattor
Birth Year: 2004
What his coaches say: "Luca has been in our Kamloops program from the outset and has a great attitude and strives to be better every day. He listens intently and comes to training every week, ready to go and you see this in his improved play. We have seen a continual improvement in his technical skills and game knowledge and feel he will only get better with his attitude and work ethic."

Name: Leisl Milovick
Birth Year: 2003
What her coaches say: "Leisl is in the GK portion of our Academy.  She has an outstanding work ethic and comes ready to train every day.  Leisl is very quiet but determined in her training. She listens very intently and puts what she has learned into practice every day.  Her passion and excitement to play exudes in every training session. She is able to bring this to her game with TOFC in the BCSPL. Her game gets better every day and with her willingness to learn, she will only continue to improve."

Kootenay Academy Centre

Name: Jordon and Jovon Klassen
Birth Year: 2000
What her coaches say: “Jordan & Jovon have been ever present in the East Kootenay Prospects Program since the beginning. They have constantly showed a fantastic attitude to improving their game but also helping others around them. Both players have shown a real up curve in their consistency and understanding to the Whitecaps way "

Name: Julia Burkart
Birth Year: 2000 
What his coaches say: Julia has been an exceptional player to coach in the three years that she has been involved in the Kootenay Academy. Julia is a fantastic athlete and is extremely coachable. Julia has represented the Whitecaps in the HPP showcase and in Seattle twice."

London Academy Centre

Name: Matthew Paquette
Birth Year: 2000
What his coaches say: "We are really excited to have had Matthew join our academy this spring.  After debuting with the Canadian National Youth Team program in an ID Camp in 2015, Matthew was invited to another evaluation camp with the National U17 program this past February.  Matthew has brought with him a huge hunger and desire to improve and find a way to make it to the next level with his game, and his level of passion and commitment is contagious.  He is powerful, quick, fast, and dynamic and in addition to being able to work well in combination with his teammates, he has a knack for finding a way to get the ball in the back of the net."

Name: Lila Nakano
Birth Year: 2001
What her coaches say: "Another newcomer to our academy this spring, Lila has made an instant impact on the culture and environment of our academy sessions with her desire and commitment to improvement.  Lila’s infectious hunger to improve coupled with such a great attitude has allowed her to make an impact not only on our style of play with her technical prowess and athleticism, but also an impact on the overall ethos of our environment with her drive, effort, and positive demeanour."

Manitoba Academy Centre

Name: Ricky Gill
Birth Year: 2000
What his coaches say: "Ricky has been playing at very high level this month, he is constantly looking for ways to better himself as player. Ricky always shows great determination. Keep it up, Ricky!"

Name: Alycia Mann
Birth Year: 2000
What her coaches say: "Alycia has been showing amazing leadership skills over the last month. Alycia has been performing at a high level this month, partially because she brings the best out of the players she plays with."

Northern Academy Centre

Name: Ceylyn Barnett
Birth Year: 2006
What her coaches say: “Ceylyn has had an absolutely fantastic start to spring programming. Her focus and attention to be the best she can possibly be in each and every practice is allowing her to grow as a player. Her great personality brings an energy and enthusiasm to the centre.”

Name: Gaurav Bains
Birth Year: 2005
What his coaches say: “Gaurav's creativity and confidence in possession of the ball is improving each and every session. This is due to the amount of work Gaurav is putting into each individual session. He is always the one to set the tempo and intensity in his training group, which is not only pushing himself to new levels but also challenging others within the academy.” 

Okanagan Academy Centre

Name: Thomas MacDonald
Birth Year: 2005
What his coaches say: "Thomas is a keen soccer player and his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. We certainly enjoy working with him and we are seeing good improvements in his technical skills."

Name: Kiera Dail
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: "Kiera is into her second year with the academy and she is progressing her skills with each and every session. She is a hard worker with an excellent attitude towards training and learning."

Saskatchewan Academy Centre

Name: Ethan Turnbull
What his coaches say: "Ethan has been with us for 3 seasons. He has continually grown as a player on the field and off. Ethan is a very balanced young person, active in school both in his studies and athletics. Ethan is a perfect example of what a Whitecaps academy player is!"

Name: Taisa Gabruch
What her coaches say: "She has been very committed and driven to improve in every session and in past intersquads, she has been dominant as a midfielder, initiating attacks and organizing her teammates defensively. Her work rate is always top notch!"

Sea to Sky Academy Centre

Name: Sabin Feagan Dixon
Birth Year: 2004
What his coaches say: “Sabin's coaches continue to remark on his development. Sabin works hard at every practice, is very attentive and is quick to learn and implement new skills coached in the sessions. He gives 100% in everything he does at practice and is a great example to the players around him. Good job, Sabin, keep up the good work."

Name: Marin Lowe
Birth Year: 2005
What her coaches say: "Marin is technically a very solid player. She is very calm on the ball and very aware of the picture constantly changing on the field. This technical foundation, coupled with efficiency of movement and visual awareness, makes her a pleasure to coach. Great job, Marin, a deserved award for player of the month.

Vancouver Academy Centre 

Name: Vito De Cotiis
Birth Year: 2005
What his coaches say: "Vito has been in our Vancouver Academy Centre for a number of years now. In his second season with our Prospects group, he has become a leader. Vito has been one of the most consistent players from an attendance standpoint, never missing a session in our Academy but also becoming very consistent in his play. His dedication has greatly helped him develop as a young player and we are excited to continue working with him. He also has a big personality and brings a smile to the training environment everyday."