Academy Centre Players of the Month

Academy Centre Players of the Month - September

Whitecaps FC Academy Centres are a network of regional training hubs linked through key staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional supplemental club training for serious, motivated players. Whitecaps FC currently have a network from coast to coast, including locations in Kamloops, the Kootenays, Manitoba, Northern BC, the Okanagan, Squamish, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, as well as in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, London (Ontario), Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. For more information, visit and select the academy in your region.

Below are the Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Players of the Month for September.

Lower Island Academy Centre

Name: Elizabeth Woodley
Birth Year: 2005
What her coaches say: "A leader on the field, Lizzie shows tremendous desire and bravery in possession. Lizzie is always looking to be involved in the play and raises the standards of everyone around her. Great start to the new Lower Island Fall program!"
Name: Owen Webb
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: “Owen impressed in one of our summer camps this year.  After joining the Lower Island Academy Centre, he has demonstrated a fantastic desire to learn and improve. On the field he is making tremendous strides and is a positive character in the group. Keep up the great work Owen!"

Upper Island Academy Centre

Name: Sebastien Magana
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: "Sebastien began the Fall program in impressive fashion, dominating play in central areas and always looking to be dangerous. He is raising the intensity of all those round him. He is an effective leader on the field and receives feedback with enthusiasm. Sebastien is a joy to coach right now…keep it going!"
Name: Coral Hendricks
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: “Coral joined us after some eye catching performances in one of our Island summer camps.  After a somewhat tentative start, she has shown great character and her individual possession has enhanced substantially. Coral has an awesome personality and has an exciting future in the game."

Kamloops Academy Centre

Name: Lucas Rinaldi
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: "Lucas has been in our academy from the outset. We are very happy to see his progression in this time. His work ethic and attitude has been excellent and he continues to improve and excel in this setting.  He continually has the ball at his feet and always loves to play and wants to develop."

Name: Jessica Greffard
Birth Year: 2002
What her coaches say: "Jessica’s work ethic is infectious.  She loves to come to training and wants to develop.  She has come a long way in developing as a goalkeeper over the last year and wants to continually learn and puts the time and effort to succeed. With her attitude and love for the game she will continue to develop to become a very strong player."

Kootenay Academy Centre

Name: Kieran Denhel
Birth Year: 2002 (West Academy)
What his coaches say: “Kieran has been extremely dedicated to the program for three years. In the last year Kieran's game has really progressed. He works hard and always wants to become a better player. Kieran's technical ability is going from strength to strength."

Name: Sarah Andreas
Birth Year: 1999 (East Academy)
What her coaches say: Sarah has been with the academy for three years. She has been extremely committed in that time. She is very coachable and willing to learn. Sarah has represented the Kootenay academy in Seattle and was also selected as a HPP player in 2015."

London Academy Centre

Name: Nico Stemberg
Birth Year: 2003
What his coaches say: "Nico is an absolute pleasure to watch as he orchestrates from the centre of the pitch with an impressive display of vision and range of passing to a talented group of teammates. Nico also shows no hesitation when it comes to battling to win back possession, and as he gets louder and more demanding he will be an even more dominating force in the middle of the park."

Name: Medina Birani
Birth Year: 2001
What her coaches say: "Medina is a fierce competitor who while leading by example with her heart and passion contributes both to the intensity and to the type of environment that makes people love being at training.  Her appetite for continually striving to improve along with her technical ability and physical strength make Medina a key and influential player in training and on game days."

Manitoba Academy Centre

Name: Lane Van De Wetering
Birth Year: 2005 (Pre-Prospect)
What his coaches say: "Lane made steady improvements to his game this month. He has had great application and focus during training sessions."

Name: Brielle Marion
Birth Year: 2004 (Pre-Prospect)
What her coaches say: "Brielle has been a great role model to her peers in training. She works extremely hard every session. Brielle is focused in her approach to developing her game and has improved immensely over the last few months."

Okanagan Academy Centre

Name: Jackson Little
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: "This fall phase is the first time we have had Jackson involved with the prospects academy. His potential was spotted at the Okanagan summer camps and we are excited to have him with us. He has very good technical skills for a player his age and we are looking forward to seeing him develop further over the coming months."

Name: Paisley Kerstens
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: "Paisley is another newcomer to the prospects academy and we have been extremely impressed with her attitude towards training and learning, and the level of her play so far. We look forward to seeing her develop further as she progresses in the program."

Sea to Sky Academy Centre

Name: Quinn Sam-Finlay
Birth Year: 2002
What his coaches say: “Quinn is a new addition to our academy. He shows up ready to train and is attentive and focused during the coaching points and immediately tries to implement new skills learned into his game. Quinn trains at 100 per cent game intensity and leaves everything on the field. We are looking forward to observing Quinn's development throughout our fall sessions."

Name: Sofia Guy
Birth Year: 2005
What her coaches say: "Sofia has continued to improve at every level. Sofia's hard work has resulted in her getting noticed and recommended to join our prospects academy in Vancouver. She shows up every week ready to train and ready to work hard. I had the pleasure of watching Sofia playing on the weekend and she is developing into a fine leader and player both in the academy and with her local club.

Vancouver Academy Centre 

Name: Marcus Fujii
Birth Year: 2004
What his coaches say: "Small in stature, but an extremely hard working and competitive player. Marcus is smart and technically very good. He never takes a day off and stands out through his passion and positive spirit."

Name: Teya Johnson
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: "Teya is small but technically very good. She is at every session without fail and tries her best in everything she does. She is a pleasure to coach and one to watch out for!"

Past Players of the Month: